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241. The Crystal Structure of the Disulfide-stabilized Fv Fragment of Anticancer Antibody B1: Conformational Influence of an Engineered Disulfide Bond
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/1/1998
Authors: O Almog, I Benhar, M Tordova, I Pastan, G L. Gilliland

242. The Effect of Experimental Conditions on the Levels of Oxidatively Modified Bases in DNA as Measured by Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry. How Many Modified Bases Are Involved? Prepurification or Not?
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 12/1/1999
Authors: S. Senturker, M Miral Dizdar

243. The Electronic Spectra of the H and OH Adducts of Cytosine
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 5/29/1997
Authors: Morris Krauss, R Osman

244. The Electronic Spectrum of the Prephenate Dianion. An Experimental and Theoretical (MD/QM) Comparison
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 8/2/2000
Authors: A. E. Roitberg, S. E. Worthington, Marcia J Holden, M P. Mayhew, Morris Krauss
Abstract: Prephenate is the product of a Claisen rearrangement of chorismate. The enzyme chorismate mutase (CM from B. subtilis) accelerates the reaction by a factor of 10^u6^. The standard method for quantifying prephenate measures the electronic absorption ...

245. The Escherichia coli YdcF binds S-adenosyl-L-methionine and adopts an alpha/beta fold characteristic of nucleotide-utilizing enzymes
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/1/2008
Authors: Kinlin L. Chao, Kap Lim, C Lehmann, V Doseeva, A J Howard, Frederick P. Schwarz, Osnat Herzberg
Abstract: The crystal structure of YdcF at a resolution of 0.18 nm reveals a fold of the adenine nucleotide α hydrolase-like family. Following the structural clues, a nucleotide binding screen was carried out employing isothermal titration calorimetry. Th ...

246. The Role of Water in the Thermodynamics of Drug Binding to Cyclodextrin
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 7/1/2007
Authors: Niya Tordorova, Frederick P. Schwarz
Abstract: The thermodynamic parameters, DBGo, DBHo, and DBSo, of the drugs flurbiprofen (FLP), nabumetone (NAB), and naproxen (NPX) binding to b-cyclodextrin (bCD) and to g-cyclodextrin (gCD) in 0.10 M sodium phosphate buffer were determined from isothermal ti ...

247. The Stiffness of Collagen Fibrils Influences Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 3/1/2007
Authors: Dennis P. McDaniel, Gordon Allan Shaw, John T Elliott, Kiran Bhadriraju, Curtis W Meuse, Koo-Hyun Chung, Anne L Plant
Abstract: Cells receive signals from the extracellular matrix through receptor-dependent interactions, but they are also influenced by the mechanical properties of the matrix. While bulk properties of substrates have been shown to effect cell behavior, we sho ...

248. The Structure of Monellin Refined at 2.3Å Resolution in the Orthorhombic Crystal Form
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: G Bujacz, M. Miller, R. Harrison, N Thanki, G L. Gilliland, C. M. Ogata, S.-H. Kim, A. Wlodawer

249. The Structure of the T127L/S128A Mutant of cAMP Receptor Protein Facilitates Promoter Site Binding
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 4/6/2001
Authors: S. Chu, M. Tordova, G L. Gilliland, I Gorshkova, Y. Shi, S. Wang, Frederick P. Schwarz
Abstract: The x-ray crystal structure of the cAMP-ligated T127L/S128A double mutant of cAMP receptor protein (CRP) was determined to a resolution of 2.2 . Although this structure is close to that of the x-ray crystal structure of cAMP-ligated CRP with on ...

250. The Three-dimensional Structures of Two Isoforms of Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase from Bovine Retina
Topic: Life Sciences Research
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Jane E Ladner, N G Abdulaev, D L Kakuev, M. Tordova, K D. Ridge, G L. Gilliland

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