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381. MATERIALS SCIENCE: Nanoscale Polymer Processing
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 10/31/2008
Authors: Christopher L Soles, Yifu Ding
Abstract: Plastics are ubiquitous in our modern world. It difficult to find a manufactured object that does not contain at least some sort polymeric (plastic) components. This ubiquity, in large part, reflects the ease with which polymers can be formed at lo ...

382. Cooling Mode Fault Detection And Diagnosis Method For A Residential Heat Pump
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 1087
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 10/17/2008
Authors: Minsung Kim, Seok H. Yoon, William V Payne, Piotr A Domanski
Abstract: Performance characteristics of a R410A residential unitary split heat pump equipped with a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) were investigated in the cooling mode under no-fault and faulty conditions. An automated method of steady-state detection w ...

383. Well-Ordered Polymer Melts with 5 nm Lamellar Domains from Blends of a Disordered Block Copolymer and a Selectively Associating Homopolymer of Low or High Molar Mass
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 10/16/2008
Authors: Vijay Tirumala, August W. Bosse, Eric K Lin, Vikram Daga, Alvin Romang, Jan Ilavsky, J J. Watkins
Abstract: The use of short chain block copolymer melts as nanostructured templates for sub-10 nm domains is often limited by their low segregation strength (N). Since increasing molar mass to strengthen segregation also increases the interdomain spacin ...

384. Hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimers
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 10/1/2008
Authors: Virgil Percec, Mihai Peterca, Andres E. Dulcey, Mohammad Imam, Steven D Hudson, Sami Nummelin, Peter Adelman, Paul A Heiney
Abstract: The synthesis of a library containing 12 conical dendrons that self-assemble into hollow spherical supramolecular dendrimers is reported. The design principles for this library were accessed by development of a method that allows the identification o ...

385. Effects of Specimen Geometry on Fatigue-Crack Growth Rates in Pipeline Steels
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 9/29/2008
Authors: John Matthew Treinen, Philippe P. Darcis, Joseph David McColskey, R. Smith, J. Merritt
Abstract: In this study, the effect of specimen geometry on the fatigue crack growth rates (FCGR) in API X65 and X100 pipeline steels was explored using the middle tension and compact tension specimen geometries. It was found that the specimen type has little ...

386. Contributions of First-Principles Calculations to Understanding Structure-Property Relationships in Perovksites
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 9/1/2008
Author: Eric J Cockayne

387. Users Manual for Version 4.0 of the Cost-Effectiveness Tool for Capital Asset Protection
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7524
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 9/1/2008
Authors: Robert E Chapman, Amy S. Rushing
Abstract: Economic tools are needed to help the owners and managers of buildings, industrial facilities, and other critical infrastructure to select cost-effective combinations of mitigation strategies that respond to natural and man-made hazards. Economic to ...

388. Performance of Super-Resolution Enhancement for Flash LADAR Data
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 8/21/2008
Authors: Tsai Hong Hong, Shuowen Hu, S. Susan Young
Abstract: Flash laser detection and ranging (LADAR) systems are increasingly used in robotics applications for autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. Their compact size, high frame rate, wide field of view, and low cost are key advantages over traditio ...

389. Single Cell Viability Measured via Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy and Live/Dead Staining
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 8/12/2008
Authors: Kavita M Jeerage, Tammy L. Oreskovic, Nikki Serene Rentz, Damian Sky Lauria
Abstract: Based on its standard reduction potential, oxidized ferrocenemethanol (FcCH2OH+) may act as an alternate electron acceptor to oxygen during cellular metabolism. By locally oxidizing ferrocenemethanol (FcCH2OH) at a microelectrode, we probed the metab ...

390. CTOA Results for X65 and X100 Pipeline Steels:Influence of Displacement Rate
Topic: Materials Science
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: Roni Reuven, Christopher N McCowan, Elizabeth S Drexler, Avigdor Shtechman, Philippe P. Darcis, John Matthew Treinen, R. Smith, J. Merritt, Thomas Allen Siewert, Joseph David McColskey
Abstract: The toughness and plasticity of steel generally decreases with increasing testing rate. The crack tip opening angle (CTOA) was measured on two types of commercial pipeline steels, API-X65 and API-X100 at a range of displacement rates to characterize ...

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