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961. Fabrication Issues for the Prototype NIST SRM 2090A SEM Magnification Calibration Standard
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1995
Authors: B Newell, Michael T Postek, J VanDerZiel
Abstract: A new National Institute of Standards and Technology scanning electron microscope magnification calibration standard has been fabricated and distributed in production prototype form. The SRM 2090A samples contain structures ranging in pitch from 3000 ...

962. Test of a Slow Off-Axis Parabola at it
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 11/1/1995
Authors: R E. Parks, Christopher J. Evans, Lianzhen Shao
Abstract: We describe the interferometric testing of a slow (f/16 at the center of curvature) off-axis parabola, intended for use in an x-ray spectrometer, that uses a spherical wave front matched to the mean radius of the asphere. We find the figure error in ...

963. 1/N Feynman Machines as a Path to Ultraminiaturization
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1995
Author: E Clayton Teague
Abstract: The possibility of implementing Feynman''s proposal for achieving ultraminiaturization by an iterative process of three-dimensional machines making ever-smaller three-dimensional machines is considered in the nature of a thought experiment. A large a ...

964. Application of the Prototype NIST SRM 2090a SEM Magnification Standard in a Manufacturing Environment
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1995
Authors: B Newell, Michael T Postek, J VanDerZiel
Abstract: The first NIST-traceable SEM magnification calibration standard designed to meet the particular needs of the micromanufacturing industry has been fabricated and characterized in production prototype form. The SRM 2090A samples contain structures rang ...

965. Generic Technology, Measurement and Standards Issues in Micromachining and Microfabrication
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1995
Author: Dennis A Swyt
Abstract: Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are integrally-fabricated hybrids of micromechanical and microelectronic elements which serve together as sensors, actuators, or both. While there are proprietary issues in MEMS products currently in or near comm ...

966. Microform Calibration Uncertainties of Rockwell Diamond Indenters
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1995
Authors: Jun-Feng Song, F Rudder, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, J Smith
Abstract: National and international comparisons in Rockwell hardness tests show significant differences. Uncertainties in the geometry of the Rockwell diamond indenters are largely responsible for these differences. By using a stylus instrument, with a series ...

967. Rapidly Renewable Polishing Lap
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 9/1/1995
Authors: Christopher J. Evans, R E. Parks
Abstract: Textured laps can be created by slumping uniform thin films of appropriate materials over textured substrates that have been generated to the required figure. The film can easily be replaced and the lap shape is invariant since the lap substrate neve ...

968. Frequency Stabilization of a Green He-Ne Laser
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 8/20/1995
Authors: Jack A Stone Jr., Alois Stejskal
Abstract: A new process for stabilizing the frequency of commercially available 543 nm He-Ne lasers is described. The stabilization method is based on anomalous dispersion of the gain medium. A total of four green lasers have been stabilized - two at the Natio ...

969. Report of Investigation: Reference Material 8090 - SEM Magnification Calibration Reference Material
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 8/9/1995
Authors: Michael T Postek, R Gettings
Abstract: Reference Material (RM) 8090 is intended primarily for use in calibrating the magnification scale of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) over a wide range of magnifications, from less than 100X to greater than 300,000X. RM 8090 contains structures i ...

970. Workshop Report 3: Edge Positions From Scanning Electron Microscope Signals by Comparing Models With Measure
Topic: Manufacturing
Published: 8/6/1995
Authors: J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar
Abstract: There is a pressing need in the semiconductor industry to determine the dimensions of lithographically produced features on wafers and masks down to the l0?nm level of accuracy. Such measurements involve the accurate location of line edges, the subtr ...

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