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91. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Applied to Optical Surfaces
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1986
Authors: Robert A. Dragoset, R Young, Howard P. Layer, S Mielczarek, E Clayton Teague, Robert Celotta
Abstract: The technique of scanning tunneling microscopy has been applied to topographic mapping of two optical surfaces: a ruled grating replica and a diamond-turned gold mirror. We have demonstrated the ability of the scanning tunneling microscope to measure ...

92. Screening Energies in Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Localized Electron Levels
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 9/15/1976
Author: John William Gadzuk
Abstract: Screening or polarization energies (often called "extra-atomic relaxation energies") associated with localized-hole creation in photoelectron spectroscopy in or on metals have been calculated. Following the procedure of Hedin and Lundqvist, the scree ...

93. Secondary-Electron Energy Distribution in High-Energy Photoemission
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1977
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: We have calculated the energy distribution of secondary electrons observed in core-level XPS or core-level synchrotron photoemission experiments on Al. The secondary electrons are produced when the photoexcited primary electrons scatter inelasticall ...

94. Solid State and Atomic Features in the Valence-Band Auger Spectra of Copper, Silver, and Gold
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 3/1/1978
Author: Cedric John Powell

95. Specular and Off-Specular High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Acetylene and Ethylene on Tungsten (100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/1/1981
Authors: J Hamilton, Nils Swanson, B Waclawski, Robert Celotta
Abstract: High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in both specular and off-specular directions has been used to identify the vibrational modes of acetylene and ethylene on tungsten (100). The off-specular data were essential to this study sinc ...

96. Spin Dependence of Electronic Surface Resonance Scattering from W(100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1981
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta, G Wang, E McRae
Abstract: In polarized low energy electron diffraction (PLEED) from W(100) at energies of 2 to 9 eV and incident angles 15 degrees < {Theta} < 45 degrees, we observe a spin-splitting of the resonance sequence of peaks which converge on the (01) beam thre ...

97. Spin Polarized Electron Scattering Studies of W(100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 9/1/1980
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta, G Wang

98. Spin Polarized Metastable Atom He De-excitation, Theory
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1991
Authors: David R. Penn, S Apell
Abstract: Metastable spin-polarized He* atoms incident on a Ni surface undergo deexcitation in a process which yields electron from the Ni. The number produced is observed to depend on the relative spin of teh Ni and the He* atoms. The normalized difference i ...

99. Spin and Energy Analyzed Photoemission: A Feasibility Analysis
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 11/1/1979
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, C Kuyatt, Robert Celotta
Abstract: New scientific opportunities, particularly for investigation of surface magnetism, will be provided by spin and energy analyzed photoemission. Electron-optical conservation laws and phase space concepts are summarized and applied to determine the fea ...

100. Striped Domains at the Pentacene:C^d60^ Interface
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/12/2009
Authors: Dan B. Dougherty, W Jin, J Cullen, J Reutt-Robey, Steven W Robey
Abstract: STM observations of the initial growth stages of the first layer of pentacene on a monolayer film of C60 on Ag(111) are presented. Pentacene films nucleate and grow with molecules standing up at the Pentacene:C60 interface similar to the well known ...

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