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71. Surface Magnetization of Ferromagnetic Ni(110): A Polarized LEED Experiment
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 9/3/1979
Authors: Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce, G Wang, S Bader, G P Felcher
Abstract: The magnetic field dependence (hysteresis curve) and the temperature dependence of the magnetization at a Ni(110) surface was measured by polarized low-energy electron diffraction. The diffracted intensities are spin dependent by a few percent. The t ...

72. Face dependence of the spin polarization of photoelectrons from NEA GaAs(100) and (110)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 8/1/1979
Authors: Daniel Thornton Pierce, G Wang, Robert Celotta
Abstract: We present measurements of the spin polarization P of photoelectrons from negative electron affinity (NEA) GaAs (100) and find P=43% at a photon energy of 1.57 eV. This contrasts with a maximum P=21% measured by Erbudak and Reihl for NEA GaAs (110), ...

73. Symmetry in Low-Energy-Polarized-Electron Diffraction
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 5/14/1979
Authors: G Wang, B Dunlap, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce
Abstract: The first low-energy-electron diffraction measurements using a polarized incident electron beam are reported and compared to measurements where an unpolarized incident beam is analyzed after scattering. Whereas, because of multiple scattering, equiva ...

74. UV Photoemission for Rare Gases Implanted in Ge
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 8/21/1978
Authors: B Waclawski, John William Gadzuk, J F Herbst
Abstract: The first ultraviolet photoemission spectra of the valence electrons of rare-gas atoms, implanted by ion bombardment into an amorphous Ge matrix, are presented here. The positions of the peaks in the observed spectra are shifted relative to gas-phase ...

75. Quantitative Surface Analysis by Electron Spectroscopy
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/1/1978
Author: Cedric John Powell
Abstract: An overview is given of a new cooperative project under the Implementing Agreement between the Technology Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, and the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology, Japanese Ministry of International Trade and I ...

76. Solid State and Atomic Features in the Valence-Band Auger Spectra of Copper, Silver, and Gold
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 3/1/1978
Author: Cedric John Powell

77. Surface Analysis by Electron Spectroscopy at High Pressures
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 3/1/1978
Author: Cedric John Powell
Abstract: Surface analyses are now made by techniques such as Auger electron spectroscopy (AES), x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and appearance potential spectroscopy (APS). These techniques utilize low-energy electrons and have high surface sensitivit ...

78. Role of Intrinsic Plasmons in Conduction-Band X-Ray Photoemission from Solids
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 2/27/1978
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: I show that intrinsic plasmons are created in x-ray photoemission experiments on the conduction bands of simple metals. Unlike the core case, the plasmons are produced by many-body effects and are a direct consequence of electron correlation. A theo ...

79. Auger Electron Spectroscopy
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 2/1/1978
Author: Cedric John Powell
Abstract: A convenient measure of surface sensitivity in Auger-electron spectroscopy (AES) and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) is the mean escape depth (MED). If the effects of elastic-electron scattering are neglected, the MED is equal to the electron ...

80. High Resolution Photoemission Study of Condensed Layers of Nitrogen and Carbon Monoxide
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 2/1/1978
Authors: P R Norton, R L Tapping, H P Broida, John William Gadzuk, B Waclawski
Abstract: Values are reported for the absolute yields of KVV Auger electrons from beryllium and L^d23^VV Auger electrons from aluminum excited by 60- to 220-keV proton bombardment. The measurements were made using semi-infinite evaporated samples, and the resu ...

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