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51. Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Applied to Optical Surfaces
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1986
Authors: Robert A. Dragoset, R Young, Howard P. Layer, S Mielczarek, E Clayton Teague, Robert Celotta
Abstract: The technique of scanning tunneling microscopy has been applied to topographic mapping of two optical surfaces: a ruled grating replica and a diamond-turned gold mirror. We have demonstrated the ability of the scanning tunneling microscope to measure ...

52. Direct Verification of Hydrogen Termination of the Semiconducting Diamond (111) Surface
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 7/1/1982
Authors: B Waclawski, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Nils Swanson, Robert Celotta
Abstract: Low-energy, high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy has been used to identify the vibrational modes of hydrogen on the semiconducting diamond surface providing the first direct evidence that the (111) 1X1 surface is terminated by hydrogen. ...

53. A New Geometry for Field Enhancement in Surface-Enhanced Spectroscopy
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1982
Authors: P K Aravind, R W Rendell

54. PLEED Study of Temperature and Hydrogen Induced Reconstruction and Reordering of W(100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1982
Authors: G Wang, John Unguris, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

55. Polarized-Low-Energy-Electron-Diffraction Study of the Mechanism of Electron Reflection from W(001) at Low Energies
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 10/15/1981
Authors: E McRae, Daniel Thornton Pierce, G Wang, Robert Celotta
Abstract: Polarized-low-energy-electron-diffraction (PLEED) measurements on W(001) are reported for incidence conditions close to the (01) beam threshold [energies 2<E<9 eV, polar angles 15{degree}<{theta} <45{degree}, (01) azimuth]. The intensity ...

56. Surface Enhanced Photoadsorption and Photoyield in Small Spheres
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 10/12/1981
Authors: David R. Penn, R W Rendell
Abstract: Calculations of the photoabsorption and photyield of small metal spheres are reported for photon energies below the plasmon energy. It is found that the excitation of electron-hole paris due to the presence of the surface results in (1) enhancements ...

57. Reconstructed Domains on a Stepped W(100) Surface
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 5/2/1981
Authors: T M Lu, G Wang

58. Specular and Off-Specular High Resolution Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy of Acetylene and Ethylene on Tungsten (100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/1/1981
Authors: J Hamilton, Nils Swanson, B Waclawski, Robert Celotta
Abstract: High resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) in both specular and off-specular directions has been used to identify the vibrational modes of acetylene and ethylene on tungsten (100). The off-specular data were essential to this study sinc ...

59. Study of Temperature and Hydrogen Induced Reconstruction and Reordering of W(100) by Polarized Electron Scattering
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 3/1/1981
Authors: G Wang, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

60. Polarized Low Energy Electron Diffraction (PLEED) from W(100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 2/15/1981
Authors: G Wang, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce
Abstract: A set of polarized low-energy-electon diffraction (PLEED) data from a W(100) surface measured using a polairzed electron beam is presented. The data include conventional LEED profilesI(E,{theta}) as well as S(E{theta} profiles which measure the spin ...

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