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121. Field-Ion Microscopy of Silicon
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/2/1975
Authors: A J Melmed, R Stein

122. Vacuum-Tunneling Spectroscopy
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/1/1975
Authors: E. W. Plummer, John William Gadzuk, David R. Penn

123. Field Emission Work Functions
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 3/2/1975
Authors: Theodore Vincent Vorburger, David R. Penn

124. Angular Dependence of UV Photoelectron Distributions for Oxygen Adsorbed on W(100)
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1975
Authors: B Waclawski, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, R Stein
Abstract: Recent theoretical work has suggested the possibility of determining chemisorption bond geometry by the use of uv photoemission. This possibility is being investigated experimentally in an apparatus developed at NBS. The apparatus is described, and p ...

125. Interaction of Atoms and Molecules with Surfaces
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1975
Author: John William Gadzuk

126. Relaxation Energies in Chemisorption Spectroscopy
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1975
Author: John William Gadzuk
Abstract: The upward shift in atomic energy levels (or decrease in electron binding energies) which occurs upon sorption of an atom on a metal surface due to polarization of the valence band electrons, is considered. The polarization shift or extra{math minus ...

127. Surface Molecules and Chemisorption. II. Photoemission Angular Distributions
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 12/15/1974
Author: John William Gadzuk
Abstract: A theory of the angular distributions of electrons photoemitted from submonolayer films of chemisorbed atoms is presented. Chemisorption is treated within the surface-molecule limit of the Anderson model. It is shown that the key features which dif ...

128. Photoelectron Spectra of the Decomposition of Ethylene on (110) Tungsten
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 10/15/1974
Authors: E. W. Plummer, B Waclawski, Theodore Vincent Vorburger

129. Angular Distributions of Electrons Photoemitted from Chemisorbed Atoms
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 9/15/1974
Author: John William Gadzuk

130. Surface Molecules and Chemisorption, I. Adatom Density of States
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 5/1/1974
Author: John William Gadzuk
Abstract: A useful picture of chemisorption on metal surfaces is one in which a localized molecule is formed between the adatom and its nearest neighbor substrate atoms. The interaction responsible for the molecule formation is treated as the coupling between ...

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