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111. Emission of Polarized Electrons from Solids
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1976
Authors: M Campagna, Daniel Thornton Pierce, F Meier, K Sattler, H Siegmann

112. Photoelectron Spectra of Adsorbed Species on Tungsten
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1976
Authors: E. W. Plummer, B Waclawski, Theodore Vincent Vorburger, C Kuyatt

113. Quantitative Chemical Analysis by ESCA
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 1/1/1976
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: Electron spectroscopy for chemical analysis (ESCA) can be used as a quantitative tool for the determination of the chemical composition of the surface region of a solid if certain parameters are known. The least well known is the electron mean free ...

114. Angle-Resolved Photoemission from Crystal-Field Split d Shells of Adsorbed Atoms
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 12/15/1975
Author: John William Gadzuk

115. Photoemission for Xe Physisorbed on W(100): Evidence for Surface Crystal-Field Effects
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 12/8/1975
Authors: B Waclawski, J F Herbst
Abstract: Photoemission spectra at hv=21.2 eV reveal two 5p levels for xenon physisorbed on a tungsten (100) surface. The spin-orbit splitting of the two levels and their intensity ratio correspond closely to gas-phase measurements, while the 5p^d3/2^ peak is ...

116. Angle Resolved Photoemission from Chemisorbed Layers: Further Theoretical Considerations
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 12/1/1975
Author: John William Gadzuk
Abstract: In recent theoretical work by Gadzuk and by Liebsch, the importance of angle resolved photoemission studies of surfaces and chemisorbed atoms has been demonstrated. In the theory due to Gadzuk, the role of the initial state in the photoemission proce ...

117. Measurement of the Surface Density of States by Field Ionization
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 10/1/1975
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: It is shown that recent measurements of field ion energy distributions from clean tungsten surfaces probe the density of metal states in the vicinity of the surface. We find j() = (2/kh)m| d3rm(r) z|2(-m), where j() is the ion current a , mand m are ...

118. Optical Properties of Adsorbate Atoms
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 5/15/1975
Authors: A J Bennett, David R. Penn
Abstract: We calculate the dielectric response of adsorbate atoms on a metal surface assuming an Anderson model of the system. The dielectric function is then used to predict the change in the surface optical reflectance caused by the adsorbates. General resu ...

119. The Dependence of the Tunneling Current on Density of States in Non-Superconducting Junctions
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 5/1/1975
Author: David R. Penn

120. Determination of the Spin-Polarized Surface Density of States In Strongly Correlated Metals By Field Emission: Theory
Topic: Surface Physics
Published: 4/15/1975
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: It is shown that the combination of spin-polarization and field-emission energy distribution measurements on ferromagnetic transition metals will provide direct information about the one-dimensional surface density of states in a direction normal to ...

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