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411. The NBS Program for Standards for Trace Organic Analysis in the Marine Environment
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 12/1/1977
Authors: Harry S Hertz, S. N. Chesler, Willie E May, Stephen A Wise, L.R. Hilpert, J.M. Brown, A.J. Fatiadi, Franklin R Guenther

412. The NIST Kolsky Bar Data Processing System
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 6/7/2005
Author: Eric Paul Whitenton
Abstract: A new dynamic testing apparatus has been built at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to measure dynamic material properties for machining simulation and other applications. This apparatus-the NIST Pulse Heated Kolsky Bar - is ...

413. The National Environmental Specimen Bank Pilot Program
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 6/1/1980
Authors: S H Harrison, T E. Gills, E. J. Maienthal, H. L. Rook, Stephen A Wise, Rolf Louis Zeisler

414. The Origin of Critical Relative Humidity in Adhesion
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 5/11/2009
Authors: Christopher C White, Kar T. Tan, Bryan D. Vogt, Donald Lee Hunston
Abstract: Water is ubiquitous in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, adhesive bonding is susceptible to the environmental attack of water leading to significant depreciation in joint strength and subsequently to premature failures [1-6]. This susceptibility of bond ...

415. The Pilot Environmental Specimen Bank Program
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 10/1/1984
Authors: Stephen A Wise, Rolf Louis Zeisler

416. The Precision Alignment of a Kolsky Bar Apparatus
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 1/1/2002
Authors: Timothy J Burns, Brian S. Dutterer, Michael Kennedy, Matthew A. Davies, Richard L. Rhorer
Abstract: The modeling of machining processes is often limited by the availability of material data appropriate for the high strain rates and rapid heating associated with the metal cutting process. A new NIST facility - the pulse heated Kolsky bar apparatus ...

417. The Role of Service Life Prediction In Sustainability Determinations
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Christopher C White, Kar T. Tan, Donald Lee Hunston
Abstract: Sustainability calculations are based on assumptions about the energy required to produce, transport place in-service items. A critical component of these calculations is the expected service life of the material, component or system. Estimates of t ...

418. The Solubility Behavior of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Aqueous Systems
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 12/1/1980
Author: Willie E May

419. The Stability of Low Radial Immersion Milling
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Matthew A. Davies, Jon Robert Pratt, Brian S. Dutterer, Timothy J Burns
Abstract: Traditional regenerative stability theory predicts a set of spindle speeds with locally optimum stability at integer fractions of the natural frequency of the most flexible mode of the system.  The assumptions of this theory become invalid for h ...

420. The Surprising Affects of Strain on the Long Term Rheology of Filled Viscoelastic Solids (Building Joint Sealant)
Topic: Environment/Climate
Published: 5/7/2008
Authors: Donald Lee Hunston, Kar T. Tan, Christopher C White
Abstract: Filled viscoelastic solids, have been used for the last 40 years as building sealants to separate indoor from outdoor environments.  The most important property of the sealant is the ability to respond to imposed strain while maintaining the cri ...

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