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41. An International Comparison of 50/60 Hz Power (1996-1999)
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/2001
Authors: Nile M. Oldham, Thomas L Nelson, R. Bergeest, G. Ramm, R. Carranza, A. C. Corney, M. Gibbes, Gregory Kyriazis, H. Laiz, L. X. Liu, Z. Lu, U. Pogliano, K. E. Rydler, E. Shapiro, E. So, M. Temba, P. Wright
Abstract: An international comparison of 50/60 Hz power is described. The traveling standard was an electronic power transducer which was tested at 120 volts, 5 amperes, 53 hertz, at five power factors (1.0, 0.5 lead, 0.5 lag, 0.0 lead, and 0.0 lag). Fifteen ...

42. An International Comparison of Low Audio Frequency Power Meter Calibrations Conducted in 1989
Topic: Energy
Published: 4/1/1991
Authors: Piotr S. Filipski, E. So, WJM. Moore, R B Knight, Nile M. Oldham, Bryan C Waltrip

43. An Optical Current Transducer for Calibration Studies
Topic: Energy
Published: 8/1/1993
Authors: Eric D Simmon, Allen Rose, Gerald J FitzPatrick

44. An electronic measurement of the Boltzmann constant
Topic: Energy
Published: 3/30/2011
Authors: Samuel Paul Benz, Alessio Pollarolo, Jifeng Qu, Horst Rogalla, Chiharu Urano, Weston Leo Tew, Paul David Dresselhaus, D. R White
Abstract: The Boltzmann constant was measured by comparing the Johnson noise of a resistor at the triple point of water with a quantum-based voltage reference signal generated with a superconducting Josephson-junction waveform synthesizer. The measured value ...

45. Analysis and Design of Parallel Mechanisms with Flexure Joints
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/15/2004
Authors: Byoung H Kang, J Wen, Nicholas G Dagalakis, Jason John Gorman
Abstract: Flexure joints are frequently used in precision motion stages and micro-robotic mechanisms due lo their monolithic construction. The joint compliance, howeyer, can affect the static and dynamic performance of the overall mechanism. In this paper, we ...

46. Analysis of Proposals for Compliance and Enforcement Testing Under the New Par 431; Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6092
Topic: Energy
Published: 1/1/1998
Authors: Ken L. Stricklett, M Vangel
Abstract: Two proposals are evaluated for establishing compliance with the average efficiency levels prescribed by section 342(b)(1) of the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, as amended (EPCA), Public Law 94-163: The Department of Energy's (DOE's) Pro ...

47. Analysis of Three Different Regression Models to Estimate the Ballistic Performance of New and Environmentally Conditioned Body Armor
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7760
Topic: Energy
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Diane Mauchant, Michael A Riley, Kirk D Rice, Amanda Lattam Forster, Dennis D Leber, Daniel Victor Samarov
Abstract: The performance standard for ballistic-resistant body armor published by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), NIJ Standard 0101.06, recommends estimating the perforation performance of body armor by performing a statistical analysis on V50 bal ...

48. Analyzing a Co-Polymer Aramid Fiber for Use in Soft Body Armor
Topic: Energy
Published: 10/25/2013
Authors: Walter G McDonough, Jae Hyun Kim, Nathanael A Heckert, Amanda Lattam Forster, Scott A Wight, Joy P Dunkers, Gale Antrus Holmes
Abstract: Since the well-publicized failure of body armor used by a police officer, it has become imperative that the long-term properties and performance of new fibers being considered for use be understood. The range of interest is from the molecular proper ...

49. Annotated Bibliography--Diagnostic Methods and Measurements Approaches to Detect Incipient Defects Due to Aging of Cables
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 4485
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/1/1991
Authors: Francois D. Martzloff, A. G. Perrey

50. Anomalous Stochastic Behavior of Partial Discharge on Aluminum Oxide Surfaces
Topic: Energy
Published: 1/1/1997
Authors: Richard J. Van Brunt, P. Von, T. Las

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