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301. Sensor Experiments to Facilitate Robot Use in Assistive Environments
Topic: Energy
Published: 7/19/2008
Authors: Roger V Bostelman, James S. Albus
Abstract: In this paper, we describe the mobile robot and sensor research and development toward assistive devices ongoing at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Through mobility research projects, NIST has been studying advanced sensor ...

302. Service Life Prediction for Sealants
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/29/2011
Authors: Christopher C White, Donald Lee Hunston, Kar T. Tan, James J Filliben
Abstract: Previous industry consensus postulated that four elements of the weather: Temperature, Humidity, Ultraviolet Radiation, and Mechanical loading were responsible for the majority of the changes observed in sealants exposed to outdoor weathering. The N ...

303. Signal Processing Techniques for Smart Grid: Scanning the Issue
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/2/2012
Author: Hamid Gharavi
Abstract: This is an editorial article for a special issue on Smart Grid. The main emphasis of this issue is the technical challenges of the Smart Grid from a signal processing perspective. Therefore, the selected articles aim at articulating signal processing ...

304. Smart Machining Research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Topic: Energy
Published: 9/23/2003
Authors: Kevin K Jurrens, Johannes A Soons, Robert W Ivester
Abstract: This paper presents an overview of collaborative research activities conducted by staff of the Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology to address the enabling metrology and standards infrastructure n ...

305. Soft X-ray Characterization of DSA Block Copolymers
Topic: Energy
Published: 8/12/2013
Authors: Daniel Franklin Sunday, Wen-Li Wu, Regis J Kline

306. Spectroradiometric Characterization of the NIST Pulsed Solar Simulator
Topic: Energy
Published: 8/20/2009
Authors: Howard W Yoon, Brian P Dougherty, Vladimir Khromchenko
Abstract: The spectroradiometric characterization of the NIST indoor pulsed solar simulator is described. The solar simulator has a flash duration of 36.4 ms and is designed for solar panels having a maximum size of 2.0 m by 1.6 m. As per industry standards, ...

307. Stable Navigation Solutions for Robots in Complex Environments
Topic: Energy
Published: 11/15/2007
Authors: Christopher J. Scrapper Jr, Rajmohan Madhavan, Stephen B. Balakirsky
Abstract: During the initial phase of a disaster response it is essential for responders to quickly and safely assess the overall situation. The use of rescue robots that can autonomously navigate and map these environments can help responders realize this goa ...

308. Standard Reference Data for the Thermophysical Properties of Biofuels
Topic: Energy
Published: 3/25/2010
Authors: Mark O McLinden, Thomas J Bruno, Michael Frenkel, Marcia L Huber
Abstract: The thermophysical properties of biofuels are required for the efficient design of every step in their production, distribution, and utilization. We provide an overview of properties research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIS ...

309. Standard Reference Materials: SRM 1453, Expanded Polystyrene Board, for Thermal Conductivity from 281 K to 313 K
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 260-175
Topic: Energy
Published: 12/21/2012
Authors: Robert R Zarr, Adam L Pintar
Abstract: Thermal conductivity measurements at and near room temperature are presented as the basis for certified values of thermal conductivity of SRM 1453, Expanded Polystyrene Board. The measurements have been conducted in accordance with a randomized ...

310. Standardization of Auxiliary Equipment for Next Generation CNC Machining
Topic: Energy
Published: 10/17/2008
Authors: David Odendahl, Sid Venkatesh, John L Michaloski, Frederick M Proctor
Abstract: This paper presents the recent work of the Open Modular Architecture Control (OMAC) Machine Tool Working Group to support STEP-NC, which is a new standard for the exchange of comprehensive Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing data. Because ...

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