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61. An Investigation of the Drive Circuit Requirements for the Power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 12/31/1990
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr.

62. An Investigation of the Drive Circuit Requirements for the Power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 6/21/1990
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr.

63. An LC-ESI/MS Method for Determining Theanine in Green Tea Dietary Supplements
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 4/28/2010
Authors: Mary Bedner, Lane C Sander, Katherine E Sharpless
Abstract: Theanine is the major amino acid present in Camellia sinensis, or green tea. A method for determining theanine in its native state using liquid chromatography with positive-mode electrospray ionization mass spectrometric detection was developed. Qu ...

64. An Ultrasonic Absolute Power Transfer Standard
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/1/1984
Authors: Steven Earl Fick, Donald G Eitzen, Carl E Tschiegg, Franklin R Breckenridge
Abstract: In response to increased interest in the use of calibrated sources of ultrasonic energy, we have developed a system comprising components grouped to facilitate the accurate transfer of calibration. Electronic circuitry supplied with and built into ea ...

65. An electronic measurement of the Boltzmann constant
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/30/2011
Authors: Samuel Paul Benz, Alessio Pollarolo, Jifeng Qu, Horst Rogalla, Chiharu Urano, Weston Leo Tew, Paul David Dresselhaus, D. R White
Abstract: The Boltzmann constant was measured by comparing the Johnson noise of a resistor at the triple point of water with a quantum-based voltage reference signal generated with a superconducting Josephson-junction waveform synthesizer. The measured value ...

66. An imaging spectrometer based on high resolution microscopy of fluorescent aluminum oxide
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/14/2013
Authors: James A. Bartz, Cynthia J Zeissler, V. V. Fomenko, Mark S. Akselrod
Abstract: Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detector (FNTD) technology was tested as an imaging and spectroscopic tool for radionuclide analysis. This investigation intended to distinguish between characteristic α-particles of 239Pu (5.2 MeV), 234U (4.8 MeV) and ...

67. Analysis of Conducted EMI Emissions from PWM Inverters Based on Empirical Models and Comparative Experiments
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 6/1/1999
Authors: Huibin Zhu, Jih-Sheng Lai, Yi-hua Tang, Allen R Hefner Jr., Celia Chen
Abstract: For the purpose of investigation of electromagnetic interference (EMI) mechanisms in PWM inverters, empirical models and comparative experiments were studied in both time and frequency domains.  Models of major circuit components including switc ...

68. Analysis of Three Different Regression Models to Estimate the Ballistic Performance of New and Environmentally Conditioned Body Armor
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7760
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Diane Mauchant, Michael A Riley, Kirk D Rice, Amanda Lattam Forster, Dennis D Leber, Daniel Victor Samarov
Abstract: The performance standard for ballistic-resistant body armor published by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), NIJ Standard 0101.06, recommends estimating the perforation performance of body armor by performing a statistical analysis on V50 bal ...

69. Analytical Approaches to Determination of Total Choline in Foods and Dietary Supplements
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 11/29/2011
Author: Melissa Meaney Phillips
Abstract: Choline is a quaternary amine that is synthesized in the body or consumed through the diet. Choline is critical for cell membrane structure and function and in synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. While the human body produces this micron ...

70. Analytical Modeling of Device-Circuit Interactions for the Power Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 12/1/1990
Author: Allen R Hefner Jr.

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