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41. A statistical study of de-embedding applied to eye diagram analysis
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 2/1/2012
Authors: Paul D Hale, Jeffrey A Jargon, Chih-Ming Wang, Brett Grossman, Matthew Claudius, Jose Torres, Andrew M Dienstfrey, Dylan F Williams
Abstract: We describe a stable method for calibrating digital waveforms and eye diagrams using the measurement system response function and its regularized inverse. The function describing the system response includes the response of the oscilloscope and any ...

Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 5/24/2007
Authors: Jae Hyun Kim, Walter G McDonough, Gale Antrus Holmes

43. Absolute Spatially- and Temporally-Resolved Optical Emission Measurements of rf Glow Discharges in Argon
Series: Journal of Research (NIST JRES)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/1/1993
Authors: S. Djurovic, J R Roberts, Mark A Sobolewski, James K Olthoff

44. Absorption, transmission, and scattering of expanded polystyrene at millimeter-wave and terahertz frequencies
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/17/2008
Authors: Charles Dietlein, Jon E. Bjarnason, Erich N Grossman, Zoya Popovic
Abstract: Conventional material measurements of transmission and reflection in the millimeter-wave and terahertz frequency range do not differentiate between scattering and absorption, grouping effects from both mechanisms together into 'loss'. Accurate knowle ...

45. Accurate Determination of Planar Near-Field Correction Parameters for Linearly Polarized Probes
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 6/1/1988
Authors: Andrew G. Repjar, Allen C. Newell, Michael H Francis

46. Accurate Picometers for DC and Low-Frequency Displacement Measurement
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 4/6/2009
Authors: Jon Robert Pratt, Douglas T Smith, Lowell Howard
Abstract: We have developed a fiber-optic interferometer optimized for best performance in the frequency range from DC to 1 kHz, with displacement linearity of 1 % over a range of 25 nm, and noise-limited resolution of 2 pm [1]. The interferometer uses a tun ...

47. Acoustic Emission Sensors and Their Calibration
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: Donald G Eitzen, Franklin R Breckenridge
Abstract: Noting Item: Request for NOTING- originally published in the Nondestructive Testing Handbook, Second Edition: Vol.5 Acoustic Emission Testing. Columbus, OH : American Society for Nondestructive Testing (1987): p121-134.

48. Adhesion Research at the National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST)
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 3/11/2009
Authors: Donald Lee Hunston, Christopher M Stafford
Abstract: Over the years, NIST has been very active in adhesion research. Although there has never been an organizational group or large-scale program that focused specifically on this topic, a wide variety of projects have had adhesion, or related properties ...

49. Advances in source technology for focused ion beam instruments
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 4/1/2014
Authors: Noel Smith, John Notte, Adam V Steele
Abstract: Owing to the development of new ion source technology, users of focused ion beams (FIBs) have an increasingly wide array of uniquely capable platforms to choose from. Specifically, the new ion sources are able to offer superior performance in severa ...

50. Alignment Procedures for Field-Evaluation Measurements on a Spherical Surface
Topic: Electronics & Telecommunications
Published: 10/1/1999
Authors: Jeffrey R Guerrieri, Seturnino Canales

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