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51. Attenuation lengths of low-energy electrons in solids derived from the yield of proton-excited Auger electrons: beryllium and aluminum
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 8/15/1977
Authors: Cedric John Powell, R Stein, J Needham, T J Driscoll
Abstract: Values are reported for the absolute yields of KVV Auger electrons from beryllium and L^d23^VV Auger electrons from aluminum excited by 60- to 220-keV proton bombardment. The measurements were made using semi-infinite evaporated samples, and the resu ...

52. Apparent Oscillator Strength for Water Vapor
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 2/1/1977
Authors: R Huebner, M E O'Conner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek

53. Apparent Oscillator Strengths for Mercury Vapor
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1977
Authors: R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek

54. Effective Crystal Fields in the Rare Earth Pnictides
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1977
Authors: J F Herbst, P Bak, R E Watson

55. Electron Scattering from Ozone
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 1/1/1977
Authors: Robert Celotta, Nils Swanson, M Kurepa

56. Electron Energy-Loss Analysis of Carbon Tetrafluoride and Carbon Tetrachloride
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 12/1/1976
Authors: R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek

57. Intensities of infrared transitions in N^2^O and H^d2^CO by electron impact spectroscopy
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 11/1/1976
Authors: C Kuyatt, S Mielczarek, Marc Abbott Weiss
Abstract: Measurements of relative intensities of infrared transitions in N^d2^O and H^d2^CO have been made using forward inelastic scattering of 100 eV electrons. Agreement with previous infrared and electron impact measurements is satisfactory, showing that ...

58. Angle- and energy-resolved charged particle spectroscopies--a simple way
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 6/1/1976
Author: R Stein
Abstract: The acquisition of angular and energy distribution information is of growing importance in a number of charged particle spectroscopies used for surface studies. A simple, inexpensive method is outlined for obtaining a visual display of angular distri ...

59. Apparent Oscillator Strengths for Nitrous Oxide
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 12/24/1975
Authors: R Huebner, Robert Celotta, S Mielczarek, C Kuyatt

60. Excitation of Low-Lying Triplet States in Ozone by Electron Impact
Topic: Electron Physics
Published: 12/24/1975
Authors: Nils Swanson, Robert Celotta, C Kuyatt

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