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71. Parametric pumping of precession modes in ferromagnetic nanodisks
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 3/26/2014
Authors: Feng Guo, Lyubov Belova, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: We report parametric excitation of magnetic precession modes in nanodisks using a parallel pumping configuration. The excitations are detected using a ferromagneitc resonance force microscopy method, and the parallel-pumped spectra reveal nonlinear c ...

72. Perspective on Probing Metallic Ferromagnetism with Electrons
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 3/21/2011
Author: Daniel Thornton Pierce
Abstract: This article presents a brief review of some of the many insights gained about metallic ferromagnetism using spin-polarized electrons as probes. Aspects of metallic ferromagnetism discussed include spin-dependent electronic structure, spin-dependent ...

73. Phase Diagram of Magnetic Nanodisks measured by SEMPA
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/20/2010
Authors: Seok-Hwan Chung, Robert D McMichael, Daniel Thornton Pierce, John Unguris
Abstract: We use Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis (SEMPA) to image the magnetic domain structures of individual ferromagnetic nanodisks with different diameters and thicknesses, and thereby determine the phase diagram of the magnetic gro ...

74. Photo-Induced Resonant Tunneling Treated by the Extended Transfer Hamiltonian Method
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: S Apell, David R. Penn
Abstract: A method, originally due to Heitler, is utilized to extend the transfer Hamiltonian description to resonant tunneling for the purpose of calculating transition probabilities and general frequency response characteristics of coupled systems. The scann ...

75. Polaron Formation in the Optimarlly Doped Ferromagnetic Maganites La^d0.7^Sr^d0.3MnO^d3^ and La^0.7Bx^0.3MnO^d3^
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 12/17/2008
Authors: Ying Chen, Benjamin Ueland, Jeffrey W. Lynn, G.L. Bychkov, S.N. Barilo, Y.M. Mukovskii
Abstract: The nature of the polarons in the optimally doped colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) materials La^d0.7^Ba^d0.3^ (LBMO and La^d0.7^Sr^d0.3^MnO^d3^ (LSMO is studied by elastic and inelastic neutron scattering. In both materials, dynamic nanoscale polaron ...

76. Properties of magnetic barrier structures for superconducting-magnetic hybrid Josephson junctions
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 7/7/2013
Authors: Burm Baek, Samuel Paul Benz, William H Rippard, Stephen E Russek, Paul David Dresselhaus, Horst Rogalla, Matthew R Pufall
Abstract: If Josephson and spintronic technologies can be successfully integrated to produce a cryogenic memory that can be controlled with single-flux quantum pulses, then they may enable ultra-low-power, high-speed computing. We have developed hybrid Josephs ...

77. Proposed Formula for Electron Inelastic Mean Free Paths Based on Calculations for 31 Materials
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 12/1/1987
Authors: Shigeo Tanuma, Cedric John Powell, David R. Penn
Abstract: A new general formula is proposed for determining electron inelastic mean free paths (IMFP's) for 200-2000 eV electrons in solids. The new formula is based on separate IMFP calculations of 27 elements and 4 compounds using an algorithm due to Pen ...

78. Quantum Hall Effect: Role of Inversion Layer Geometry and Random Impurity Potential
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/1/1984
Authors: R W Rendell, S Girvin

79. Reply to "Comment on: 'Ultrafast Demagnetization Measurements Using Extreme Ultraviolet Light: Comparison of Electronic and Magnetic Contributions'Š
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 9/4/2013
Authors: Justin M Shaw, Thomas J Silva, Hans T. Nembach, Emrah Turgut, Patrik Grychtol, Chan La-O-Vorakiat, Henry Kapteyn, Margaret M. Murnane, Stefan Mathias, Martin Aeschlimann, Claus Schneider, Daniel E. Adams
Abstract: In the following, we show that the conclusions of our article titled "Ultrafast Demagnetization Measurements Using Extreme Ultraviolet Light: Comparison of Electronic and Magnetic Contributions" are correct. The Comment of Vodungbo {I}et al.{/I} arg ...

80. Residual Multiparticle Entropy Does Not Generally Change Sign Near Freezing
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 4/13/2008
Authors: William P. Krekelberg, Vincent K Shen, Jeffrey R. Errington, Thomas M. Truskett
Abstract: The residual multiparticle entropy (RMPE) of two- and three-dimensional fluids changes sign near the freezing line, providing a quasi-universal one-phase rule for the location of the liquid-solid transition. We present new simulation results ford- ...

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