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21. Thermo-Magneto-Electrical Measurement Platform
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 10/19/2010
Authors: Kurt Pernstich, Curt A Richter, David J Gundlach

22. The Cooper Pair Transistor
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 9/17/2010
Author: Jose Alberto Aumentado
Abstract: The Cooper pair transistor (CPT) is a superconducting electrometer that has applications in quantum information as well as fundamental superconductivity studies. Since it operates in a near-dissipationless mode, it has potential as a minimally inva ...

23. Effects of Edge Magnetism and External Electric Field on Energy Gaps in Multilayer Graphene Nanoribbons
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 9/14/2010
Authors: Bhagawan Sahu, Hongki Min, Sanjay K Banerjee
Abstract: Using a first principles density functional theory, we study electronic structure of multilayer graphene nanoribbons as a function of the ribbon widths and an external electric fields. We consider two types of edges (armchair and zigzag) and each wit ...

24. Theory for a Dissipative Droplet Soliton Excited by a Spin Torque Nanocontact
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 8/30/2010
Authors: Mark Hoefer, Thomas J Silva, Mark W Keller
Abstract: A distinct type of solitary wave is predicted to form in spin torque oscillators when the free layer has a sufficiently large perpendicular anisotropy. In this structure, which is a dissipative version of the conservative droplet soliton originally s ...

25. Temperature dependence of the diffusive conductivity of bilayer graphene
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 8/24/2010
Authors: Shaffique Adam, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: Assuming diffusive carrier transport and employing an effective medium theory, we calculate the temperature dependence of bilayer graphene conductivity due to Fermi-surface broadening as a function of carrier density. We find that the temperature d ...

26. Non-white frequency noise in spin torque oscillators and its effect on spectral linewidth
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 8/1/2010
Authors: Mark W Keller, Matthew R Pufall, William H Rippard, Thomas J Silva
Abstract: We measure the power spectral density of frequency fluctuations from the output voltage waveform of nanocontact spin torque oscillators over timescales up to 50 ms. We facilitate digitization of the waveform by using a mixer to convert oscillator sig ...

27. Band Structure of ABC-Stacked Graphene Trilayers
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 7/9/2010
Authors: Fan Zhang, Bhagawan Sahu, Hongki Min, Allan H. MacDonald
Abstract: The ABC-stacked N-layer-graphene family of two-dimensional electron systems is described at low energies by two remarkably flat bands with Bloch states that have strongly momentum-dependent phase differences between carbon \pi-orbital amplitudes on ...

28. Observation of Transparency of Erbium-doped Silicon nitride in photonic crystal nanobeam cavities
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 6/14/2010
Authors: Yiyang Gong, Maria Makarova, Selcuk Yerci, Rui Li, Martin J Stevens, Burm Baek, Sae Woo Nam, Luca Dal Negro, Jelena Vuckovic
Abstract: One dimensional nanobeam photonic crystal cavities are fabricated in an Er-doped amorphous silicon nitride layer. Photoluminescence from the cavities around 1.54 mm is studied at cryogenic and room temperatures at different optical pump powers. The ...

29. Effects of disorder and internal dynamics on vortex wall propagation
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 5/26/2010
Authors: Hongki Min, Robert D McMichael, Michael J Donahue, Jacques Miltat, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: Experimental measurements of domain wall propagation are typically interpreted by comparison to ideal models that ignore the effects of extrinsic disorder and the internal dynamics of domain wall structures. Using micromagnetic simulations we study v ...

30. Modification of edge mode dynamics of oxidized Ni^d80^Fe^d20^ thin film edges
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 5/20/2010
Authors: Meng Zhu, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: We use ''edge mode'' ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) to probe the magentic properties of oxidized Ni^d80^Fe^d20^ (Py) nanostripe edges. The oxidation is carried out using either oxygen plasma or thermal annealing in an oxygen ambient ...

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