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81. The Diamond (111) Surface: A Dilemma Resolved
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/1/1983
Authors: B B Pate, B Waclawski, P M Stefan, C Binns, T Ohta, M H Hecht, P J Jupiter, M L Shek, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Nils Swanson, Robert Celotta, I. Lindau, W E Spicer

82. Surface Photoeffect in Small Spheres
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 9/15/1982
Authors: David R. Penn, R W Rendell
Abstract: A new method is developed to calculate the photoabsorption and photoyield of small spheres. Numerical results are presented for the case of free-electron spheres for photon energies below the plasmon energies. It is found that the excitation of elec ...

83. Dispersion Relation Approach to the X-Ray Edge Problem
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 12/15/1981
Authors: David R. Penn, S Girvin, G D Mahan
Abstract: We present a dispersion relation formulation of the open-line amplitude for the x-ray edge problem within the contact potential model. Using both multiple-scattering and determinant techniques, we find that to a very good approximation the many-body ...

84. Hall Voltage Dependence on Inversion Layer Geometry in the Quantum Hall-Effect Regime
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 6/15/1981
Authors: R W Rendell, S Girvin
Abstract: A calculation of the Hall voltage is presented within a model of a finite two-dimensional inversion layer. An explicit form for the electric field is obtained and this is found to have a power-law singularity in the corners of the inversion layer. ...

85. Resonant satellites in photoemission and Auger spectra of d-band metals
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 3/1/1981
Authors: S Girvin, David R. Penn
Abstract: Photoemission and Auger electron spectroscopy are powerful tools in the study of the electronic and magnetic properties of d band metals. In certain instances experimental spectra can be directly interpreted as a measure of some one body density of s ...

86. New Field Theory Formulation of Localized States in Disordered Systems
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 1/1/1981
Authors: S Girvin, R W Rendell, Garnett W Bryant
Abstract: We present a new field theoretic formulation of the quantum mechanics of disordered systems. The problem is converted to an explicit field theory by changing variables in the functional integral over all random potentials to an integral over all poss ...

87. Spin Dependence of the Electron Mean Free Path in Fe, Co, and Ni
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 12/22/1980
Authors: R W Rendell, David R. Penn
Abstract: Spin-dependent electron mean free paths as a function of the hot electron energy are calculated for Fe, Co, and Ni. The difference in mean free paths of electrons for spin parallel and antiparallel to the majority spin direction of the ferromagnet i ...

88. Theory of Coherence Effects in Photoinduced Auger Events: Resonant Satellites in Metals with Filled d-Bands
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 10/15/1980
Authors: S Girvin, David R. Penn
Abstract: This paper describes a theory of the Auger effect which treats the entire process of core-level excitation followed by decay of the core hole as a coherent sequence of events. We present an approximate analytic solution to the model recently introdu ...

89. The Mean Free Paths of Very Low Energy Electrons: the Effects of Exchange and Correlation
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 9/15/1980
Author: David R. Penn
Abstract: The mean free paths of low-energy electrons in a free-electron-like material are calculated using a screened electron-electron interaction which is antisymmetrized for the case of parallel-spin electrons. Calculations are carried out for several diff ...

90. Ising Models for Order-Disorder Transition in an Adsorbed Overlayer
Topic: Condensed Matter Physics
Published: 3/2/1980
Author: T M Lu
Abstract: Based on a 2D zero field anti-ferromagnetic Ising model, we obtain a relation between the angular distribution of intensity of a LEED superlattice beam from an adsorbed lattice gas with nearest-neighbor repulsive interaction and the spin-spin correl ...

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