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981. SRM 2035: A Rare-Earth Oxide Glass for the Wavelength Calibration of Near-Infrared Dispersive and Fourier Transform Spectrometers
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/20/1998
Authors: Steven J Choquette, John Carlton Travis, David Lee Duewer

982. Early History of the Cavity Ring-Down spectroscopy (CRDS) Technique (Letter to the Editor)
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/6/1998
Authors: Joseph Terence Hodges, J P. Looney, Roger D van Zee

983. Boron Incorporation With and Without Atomic Hydrogen During the Growth of Doped Layers on Si(100)
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: C Silvestre, P Thompson, G Jernigan, David S Simons

984. Characterization and use of the new NIST rapid pneumatic tube irradiation facility
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Author: D. A. Becker

985. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis for Quality Assurance of a Hair Reference Material for Mercury Speciation
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: Susan F Heller-Zeisler, M K. Donais, Rolf Louis Zeisler

986. Mechanisms of Oxidation of 1,2,5-Trimethylpyrrole: Kinetic, Spectroscopic, and Electrochemical Studies
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: B Beaver, Y Teng, P Guiriec, P Hapiot, Pedatsur Neta

987. On Achieving Measurement Quality in Air Pollution Studies Employing Nuclear Techniques
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: Rolf Louis Zeisler, Susan F Heller-Zeisler, A. Fajgelj

988. Quantitative secondary ion mass spectrometry imaging of self-assembled monolayer films for electron beam dose mapping in the environmental scanning electron microscope
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: John G Gillen, Scott A Wight, David S. Bright, T M. Herne
Abstract: Fluorinated alkanethiol self assembled monolayers (SAM) films immobilized on gold substrates have been used as electron-sensitive resists to map quantitatively the spatial distribution of the primary electron beam scattering in an environmental scann ...

989. Surface Plasmon Resonance Measurements of Ultrathin Organic Films at Electrode Surfaces
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 6/23/1998
Authors: D. G. Hanken, C. E. Jordan, B. L. Frey, R. M. Corn

990. Detection of Tyrosinase mRNA in Melanoma by Reverse Transcription-PCR and Electrochemiluminescence
Topic: Chemistry
Published: 6/1/1998
Authors: C D O'Connell, A Juhasz, C Kuo, D J. Reeder, D S B Hoon

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