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81. Monitoring methane in the boundary layer using a network of instruments at tall towers in the northeastern US
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/24/2012
Authors: Kuldeep R Prasad, Elena Novakovskaia
Abstract: Methane is one of the major greenhouse gases and in recent years more efforts have been undertaken to estimate its emissions at local and regional scales utilizing new observing systems. During 2012, Earth Networks Inc. deployed a dense GHG obse ...

82. Optimum placement of sensors on building rooftop for measurement of greenhouse gas mixing ratio
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/24/2012
Authors: Kuldeep R Prasad, Anthony Bova, James R Whetstone, Elena Novakovskaia
Abstract: Currently, inverse atmospheric dispersion models are being used around the world to provide measurement-based, or ,top- down,Š estimates of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for comparison with input-based, or ,bottom-up,Š estimates. To minimize unce ...

83. Smoldering in Flexible Polyurethane Foams: the Effect of Foam Morphology
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/18/2012
Authors: Mauro Zammarano, Szabolcs Matko, Roland H. Kraemer, Rick D Davis, Jeffrey W Gilman, Li Piin Sung, Douglas Matthew Fox, Shivani Navin Mehta
Abstract: Smoldering is a self-sustaining heterogeneous oxidation reaction that induces a slow, low temperature, flameless combustion. Flexible polyurethane foams (PUF) are prone to smoldering due to their high air permeability, low density and high specific ...

84. Antenna-Environment Multiple Scattering in Reverberation Chamber Measurements
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/12/2012
Authors: Ryan J. Pirkl, Catherine A Remley
Abstract: High-resolution synthetic aperture measurements in a reverberation chamber revealed the presence of multiple scattering between the scan antenna and the measurement environment. Casting the scan antenna-environment multiple scattering as an error ...

85. Multi-zone Modeling of Size- Resolved Outdoor Ultrafine Particle Entry into a Test House
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/11/2012
Authors: Dong H. Rim, Andrew Keith Persily, Lance L. Wallace, William S Dols, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: Airborne particle transport into buildings is important for human exposure to particles and associated health effects. The present study investigated the entry of size-resolved outdoor ultrafine particles into a test building under three different ve ...

86. A Raytracing Model for Wireless Propagation in Tunnels with Varying Cross Section
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/3/2012
Authors: Camillo A Gentile, Fabien Andre Valoit
Abstract: Spurred by the 2006 Miner Act, reliable two-way communications in mines has drawn the interest of network engineers in recent years. Critical to the design of these systems is an accurate channel propagation model. Given the elementary geometry see ...

87. Social Disorder, Accidents, and Municipal Wildfires
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 12/1/2012
Authors: Douglas S Thomas, David T Butry, Jeffrey P. Prestemon
Abstract: Societal safeguards, established by those who have shared perceptions in the importance of safety and taking preventative measures, reduce the incidence of accidents that harm people and damage property. These safeguards prevent or discourage communi ...

88. Near-Wall Modeling for Large Eddy Simulation of Convective Heat Transfer in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 11/18/2012
Authors: Randall Joseph McDermott, Hyun Wook Park, Kiyoung Moon, Ezgi Oztekin, Changhoon Lee, Jung-il Choi
Abstract: A well-known challenge for large eddy simulation (LES) is to provide a smooth transition from molecular to turbulent transport near the wall without having to explicitly resolve the viscous sublayer. We propose a simple but efficient approach based ...

89. Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Assemblies under a Column Removal Scenario
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 11/8/2012
Authors: Yihai Bao, Hai Sang Lew, Sashi K. Kunnath
Abstract: This paper presents a computational investigation of two reinforced concrete beam-column assemblies, each comprising three columns and two beams, subjected to monotonically increasing vertical displacement of the unsupported center column simulating ...

90. Indoor Air Quality Analyses of Commercial Reference Buildings
Report Number: 1734
Topic: Building and Fire Research
Published: 11/1/2012
Authors: Lisa C Ng, Amy Musser, Andrew Keith Persily, Steven J Emmerich
Abstract: Sixteen commercial reference buildings were created in the multizone airflow and contaminant transport program CONTAM in order to support airflow and indoor air quality (IAQ) analyses, which are not possible using the existing EnergyPlus input files ...

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