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41. Prediction of Feshbach resonances from three input parameters
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 4/30/2009
Authors: Thomas Mark Hanna, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne
Abstract: We have developed a model of Feshbach resonances in gases of ultracold alkali metal atoms using the ideas of quantum defect theory. Our model requires just three parameters - the singlet and triplet scattering lengths, and the coefficient of the long ...

42. Production of a Spin-Polarized Atomic Cr Beam Using Optical Pumping Methods
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 1/1/1993
Authors: Jabez J McClelland, R E. Scholten, Robert Celotta

43. Progress at NIST in measuring the D-lines of Li isotopes using an optical frequency comb
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 12/20/2010
Authors: Clayton Simien, Samuel Middleton Brewer, Joseph N Tan, John D Gillaspy, Craig J Sansonetti
Abstract: Precise spectroscopic experiments with light atoms can provide information about nuclear properties that are very difficult to obtain in electron scattering experiments. For example, relative nuclear radii of low-Z isotopes can be determined accurat ...

44. Quantum information processing and quantum control with trapped atomic ions
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 12/14/2009
Author: David J Wineland
Abstract: The role of trapped atomic ions in the field of quantum information processing is briefly reviewed. We discuss some of the historical developments that enabled ions to enter the field and then summarize the basic mechanisms required for logic gates a ...

45. Quantum key distribution at GHz transmission rates
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 2/11/2008
Authors: Alessandro Restelli, Joshua C Bienfang, Alan Mink, Charles W Clark
Abstract: Quantum key distribution (QKD) channels are typically realized by transmitting and detecting single photons, and therefore suffer from dramatic reductions in throughput due to both channel loss and noise. These shortcomings can be mitigated by applyi ...

46. Quasi-phasematched Second Harmonic Generation in GaAs Microdisks
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 11/15/2009
Authors: Paulina S Kuo, W Fang, Glenn Scott Solomon
Abstract: We discuss design and tuning of second-harmonic generation in GaAs microdisks. Quasi-phasematching can be achieved in the microdisk geometry without external domain inversions, but efficient nonlinear optical mixing requires that all waves be resonan ...

47. Radiofrequency dressing of multiple Feshbach resonances
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 11/3/2009
Authors: A M Kaufman, R P Anderson, Thomas Mark Hanna, Eite Tiesinga, Paul S Julienne, D S Hall
Abstract: We demonstrate and explain the coupling of several proximate Feshbach resonances in $^{87}$Rb using radiofrequency (rf) radiation. We present accurate measurements of the resonances and observe the changes in the scattering properties that arise thro ...

48. Ratio of the Al^u+^ and Hg^u+^ Optical Clock Frequencies to 17 Decimal Places
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 8/25/2008
Authors: Wayne M Itano, Till P Rosenband, David Hume, P.O. Schmidt, Chin W. Chou, A. Brusch, Luca Lorini, Windell Oskay, Robert E. Drullinger, Sarah Bickman, Tara Michele Fortier, Jason Stalnaker, Scott A Diddams, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury, David J Wineland, James C Bergquist
Abstract: Frequency standards (atomic clocks) based on narrow optical transitions in ^u27^Al^u+^ and ^u199^Hg^u+^ have been developed over the past several years at NIST. These two types of standards are both based on single ions confined in Paul traps, but di ...

49. Robust Optical Design of Angled Multilayer Dielectric Mirrors Optimized for Rubidium Vapor Cell Return Reflection
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 8/1/2008
Authors: M A Perez, John E Kitching, A Shkel
Abstract: This paper reports on the design and implementation of thin film multilayer dielectric reflectors on the sidewalls of micromachined reflector cells. Due to shadowing within the cavity, significant variations in the thicknesses of the thin films will ...

50. Rotation induced superfluid-normal phase separation in trapped Fermi gases
Topic: Atomic Physics
Published: 5/13/2009
Authors: Menderes Iskin, Eite Tiesinga
Abstract: We use the Bogoliubov-de Gennes formalism to analyze the effects of adiabatic rotation on the ground state phases of harmonically trapped Fermi gases. We find that the rotation breaks Cooper pairs that are located near the trap edge, and that this le ...

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