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41. Rheological and Electrokinetic Behavior Associated with Concentrated Nanosize Silica Hydrosols
Topic: Nanostructured Materials
Published: 5/1/2005
Authors: J Y Kim, U Paik, Vincent A Hackley
Abstract: We report that concentrated fumed silica nanosols exhibit anomalous rheology with regards to predictions based on DLVO theory. Despite a high electrokinetic potential at pH 8, fumed silica not only exhibits rheologicl behavior normally indicative of ...

42. Ferroelectric Phase Transitions in Nano-Scale Chemically Ordered PbSc^d0.5^Nb^d0.5^O^d3^ Using a First-Principles Model Hamiltonian
Topic: Nanostructured Materials
Published: 7/1/2003
Authors: U Waghmare, Eric J Cockayne, Benjamin P Burton
Abstract: fects of chemical order, disorder, short range order, and anti-phase boundaries on phase transitions and dielectric properties of PBSc^d1/2^Nb^d1/2^O^d3^ are studied through molecular dynamics simulations of a FP model. Simulations of large systems ...

43. Microwave Dielectric Characterization of Polyaniline Composites
Topic: Nanostructured Materials
Published: 1/1/2000
Authors: Jan Obrzut, C. K. Chiang
Abstract: Dielectric permittivity of polyaniline (emerdaline salt) and its dispersions in epoxy glasses have been investigated in the frequency rangebetween 1 GHz to 18 GHz by using the reflection - transmission method. The observed high value of the dielectri ...

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