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161. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis: Studies of Magnetic Microstructures
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/1/1988
Authors: Robert Celotta, John Unguris, Daniel Thornton Pierce

162. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarized Electrons
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 4/15/1987
Authors: John Unguris, G Hembree, Robert Celotta, Daniel Thornton Pierce
Abstract: The recent joining of scanning electron microscopy and electron spin polarization analysis has greatly improved the ability to study magnetic microstructure. By measuring the spin polarization of secondary electrons, scanning electron microscopy with ...

163. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Secondary Electron Spin Polarization Analysis: A New Probe of Magnetic Microstructure
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/1/1985
Authors: John Unguris, G Hembree, Daniel Thornton Pierce, Robert Celotta

164. Scanning Electron Microscopy with Spin-Polarization Analysis - SEMPA
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/1/1987
Authors: Robert Celotta, John Unguris, Daniel Thornton Pierce

165. Self-consistent calculation of spin transport and magnetization dynamics
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 10/10/2013
Authors: Kyung Jin Lee, Mark D Stiles, Hyun-Woo Lee, Jung-Hwan Moon, Kyoung-Whan Kim, Seo--Won Lee
Abstract: A spin-polarized current transfers its spin-angular momentum to a local magnetization, exciting various types of current-induced magnetization dynamics. So far, most studies in this field have focused on the direct effect of spin transport on magneti ...

166. Size Dependent Transition from Shape to Exchange Dominated Magnetic Nanostructures in Patterned Zigzags
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 4/17/2006
Authors: Willard C Uhlig, John Unguris
Abstract: In order to quantitatively investigate the interplay between shape anisotropy (magnetostatics) and exchange, patterned zigzag structures were prepared with sizes varying over two orders of magnitude. The magnetic state is a balance between shape anis ...

167. Soft magnetic layers for low-field-detection magnetic sensors
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/18/2006
Authors: William F. Egelhoff Jr., Robert D McMichael, Cindi L Dennis, Mark D Stiles, Freemon Johnson, Alexander J. Shapiro, Brian B. Maranville, Cedric John Powell
Abstract: We have investigated a wide variety of soft magnetic layers as sense layers for magnetic-field sensors. We find that in thin-film form, some of these soft materials can have susceptibilities (?) approaching those of the corresponding bulk material. ...

168. Solution of the Boltzmann Equation Without the Relaxation Time Approximation
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/15/1999
Authors: David R. Penn, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: A method is presented for solving the spatially varying Boltzmann equation without the relaxation time approximation. The solution is compared with that obtained using the relaxation time approximation for free electron solids in the presence of bo ...

169. Spectroscopic defect imaging in magnetic nanostructure arrays
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 7/25/2012
Authors: Han-Jong H. Chia, Feng Guo, Lyubov Belova, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: We report a demonstration of spectroscopic defect imaging in an array of ferromagnetic structures using ferromagnetic resonance force microscopy (FMRFM). The arrray of 200 nm diameter circular dots includes a single oval-shaped ,defect.Š The techni ...

170. Spectroscopy and imaging of edge modes in Permalloy nanodisks
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/3/2013
Authors: Feng Guo, Lyubov Belova, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: This paper reports spectroscopy and imaging of spin wave modes using ferromagnetic resonance force microscopy (FMRFM) in Permalloy nano-disks with disk diameters that range from 100 nm to 750 nm. The ferromagnetic resonance spectra distinguish multip ...

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