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21. Formation and structure of 360 and 540 degree domain walls in thin magnetic stripes
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 2/10/2012
Authors: Youngman Jang, Samuel R Bowden, Mark Mascaro, John Unguris, Caroline Ross
Abstract: 360˚, 540˚ and other complex transverse domain walls have been created in narrow Co wires connected to injection pads by cycling a magnetic field perpendicular to the wire length. The composite walls, formed by impingement of 180˚ tran ...

22. First-Principles Calculation of the Non-Adiabatic Spin Transfer Torque in Ni and Fe
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 12/16/2011
Authors: Keith Gilmore, Ion Garate, Allan H. MacDonald, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: The magnetization dynamics of a ferromagnet subjected to an electrical current are given by an extension of the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation that contains two additional terms, the adiabatic and non-adiabatic spin-transfer torques. First-prin ...

23. TaOx Memristive Devices with Ferromagnetic Electrodes
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 12/7/2011
Authors: Hyuk-Jae Jang, Pragya Rasmi Shrestha, Oleg A Kirillov, Helmut Baumgart, Kin P Cheung, Oana Jurchescu, Curt A Richter

24. Magneto-optical observation of four-wave scattering in a 15 nm Ni^d81^Fe^d19^ film during large angle magnetization precession
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 11/14/2011
Authors: Hans T. Nembach, Karen Livesey, Michael Kostylev, Patrica Martin-Pimentel, Sebastian Hermsdoerfer, Britta Leven, Juergen Fassbender, Burkard Hillebrands
Abstract: Large angle magnetization precession induced by a short pulsed magnetic field in a 15 nm thick Ni^d81^Fe^d19^ film is observed using a time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect technique with sensitivity to all three components of the magnetization ...

25. Control of magnetic fluctuations by spin current
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 9/2/2011
Authors: Vladislav E Demidov, Sergei Urazhdin, Eric Edwards, Mark D Stiles, Robert D McMichael, Sergej O Demokritov
Abstract: We utilize micro-focus Brillouin light scattering spectroscopy to study the interaction of spin current generated by the spin Hall effect with magnetic fluctuations in a Permalloy microdisc. We show that the fluctuations can be efficiently enhanced o ...

26. Perpendicular ferromagnetic resonance measurements of damping and Landé g-factor in sputtered (Co^d2^Mn)^d1-x^Ge^dx^ thin films
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 8/8/2011
Authors: Thomas J Silva, Hans T. Nembach, Justin M Shaw, Michael Schneider, Matt Carey, Stefan Maat, Jeff Childress
Abstract: X-ray diffraction (XRD), magnetometry, and ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) measurements were performed on sputtered thin films of the nominal Heusler alloy (Co^d2^Mn)^d1-x^Ge^dx^ with varying Ge content and annealing temperature. XRD indicates some deg ...

27. Impact of Gd dopants on current polarization and the resulting effect on spin-transfer velocity in Permalloy wires
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 8/1/2011
Authors: Rebecca L Thomas, Meng Zhu, Cindi L Dennis, Veena Misra, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: A spin-wave Doppler technique is used to measure the spin-transfer velocity and the current polarization in current-carrying (Ni80Fe20)1-xGdx alloy wires. Reduced magnetization values with Gd doping suggest possible increases in the spin-transfer ve ...

28. Damping phenomena in Co^d90^Fe^d10^/Ni multilayers and alloys
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 7/6/2011
Authors: Justin M Shaw, Hans T. Nembach, Thomas J Silva
Abstract: We used perpendicular ferromagnetic resonance to measure the damping parameter in Co^d90^Fe^d10^/Ni multilayers over a wide range of layer thicknesses. The magnetic anisotropy within this range varied from in-pane to out-of-plane. We measured (Co^d90 ...

29. Effects of shape distortions and imperfections on mode frequencies and collective linewidths in nanomagnets
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 3/28/2011
Authors: Hans T. Nembach, Justin M Shaw, Thomas J Silva, Ward L Johnson, Sudook A Kim, Robert D McMichael, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: We used Brillouin light scattering to show that shape distortions in Ni80Fe20 nanoelements can have a dramatic effect on the measured linewidth of certain modes. By intentionally introducing an amount of ,egg-likeŠ shape distortion to an ideal ellip ...

30. Effect of interactions on edge property measurements in magnetic multilayers
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 2/25/2011
Authors: Meng Zhu, Robert D McMichael
Abstract: This paper reports effects of inter-film interactions on static and dynamic magnetization behavior at film edges in magnetic trilayer stripe arrays under transverse applied fields. The trilayers consist of two magnetic films of Ni80Fe20, 10 nm and 2 ...

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