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61. Two Simple Tests for Models of Current-Induced Magnetization Switching
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: N Theodoropoulou, A Sharma, W Pratt, Mark D Stiles, J Xiao, J Bass
Abstract: We describe two simple tests for models of current-induced magnetization switching due to spin-transfer-torque in ferromagnetic/non-magnetic/ferromagnetic (F/N/F) trilayers. The first involves comparing calculated and measured values of the ratio X = ...

62. Magnetic Properties of Co/GaAs(110)
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 12/4/2006
Authors: T Monchesky, John Unguris
Abstract: We observed three magnetic states of an ultrathin, atomically well-ordered Co film grown on a cleaved GaAs(110) substrate. For a Co thickness less than 3.4 monolayers (ML), we find a ferromagnetically dead layer associated with the formation of int ...

63. Spin Transfer Torque and Dynamics
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 11/1/2006
Authors: Mark D Stiles, J Miltat
Abstract: The currents in magnetic multilayers are spin polarized and carry enough angular momentum that they can cause magnetic reversal and induce stable precession of the magnetization in thin magnetic layers. The flow of spins is determined by the spin{ma ...

64. Anisotropy of Magnetization Reversal and Magnetoresistance in Square Arrays of Permalloy Nano-Rings
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 10/1/2006
Authors: A Goncharov, A Zhukov, V Metlushko, G Bordignon, H Fangohr, C de Groot, John Unguris, Willard C Uhlig, G Karapetrov, B Ilic, P A. de Groot
Abstract: Magnetization reversal mechanisms and the impact of magnetization direction are studied in square arrays of interconnected circular permalloy nanorings using magnetooptical Kerr effect, local imaging, numerical simulations, and transport techniques. ...

65. Preoxidation as a general approach to suppressing orange-peel coupling in magnetic tunnel junctions
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 10/1/2006
Authors: William F. Egelhoff Jr., Robert D McMichael, Cindi L Dennis, Mark D Stiles, Alexander J. Shapiro, Brian B. Maranville, Cedric John Powell
Abstract: We have found that preoxidation of the bottom electrode prior to deposition of Al^d2^O^d3^ or MgO is very effective as a general approach to suppressing orange-peel coupling in magnetic tunnel junctions. When orange-peel coupling is suppressed, the h ...

66. Switching Current Threshold in Planar Systems: An Analytical Approach in the Single Spin Approximation
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 8/18/2006
Authors: Jacques Miltat, Mark D Stiles

67. Enhanced Magnetoresistance Induced by Spin Transfer Torque in Granular Films with a Magnetic Field
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/26/2006
Authors: Tingyong Chen, C Chien, Suber Huang, Mark D Stiles
Abstract: Spin-transfer torques (STT) provide a mechanism to alter the magnetic configurations of magnetic heterostructures, a result previously only achieved by an external magnetic field. In granular solids, we demonstrate a new form of STT effect that can ...

68. Soft magnetic layers for low-field-detection magnetic sensors
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/18/2006
Authors: William F. Egelhoff Jr., Robert D McMichael, Cindi L Dennis, Mark D Stiles, Freemon Johnson, Alexander J. Shapiro, Brian B. Maranville, Cedric John Powell
Abstract: We have investigated a wide variety of soft magnetic layers as sense layers for magnetic-field sensors. We find that in thin-film form, some of these soft materials can have susceptibilities (?) approaching those of the corresponding bulk material. ...

69. Exchange Coupling in Magnetic Multilayers
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 5/1/2006
Author: Mark D Stiles
Abstract: In magnetic multilayers, the magnetizations of two ferromagnetic layers separated by a non-magnetic spacer layer are coupled by the electrons in the spacer layer. This coupling oscillates in sign as a function of the thickness of the spacer layer. Ex ...

70. The Effect of Stress Induced Anisotropy in Patterned FeCo Thin Film Structures
Topic: Nanomagnetics
Published: 4/24/2006
Authors: W Yu, J A Bain, Willard C Uhlig, John Unguris
Abstract: In this work, 1 {mu}m thick FeCeo films with {math minus}320 MPa compressive stress and FeCo/NiFe films with 600 MPa tensile stress were patterened into 5{mu}m x 20 {mu}m elements. The stress anisotropy resulting from patterning was measured using x ...

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