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31. Comments on 'Bayesian evaluation of comparison data' by Ignacio Lira
Topic: Statistics
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Raghu N Kacker, Blaza Toman
Abstract: A recent paper by Ignacio Lira in Metrologia 43 (2006) S231-S234 addresses a well-known problem in combining information from interlaboratory evaluations. Lira presents an expression, which he claims to be the kernel of a Bayesian posterior probabili ...

32. Comparison of 1D, 2D and 3D nodule sizing methods by radiologists for spherical and complex nodules on thoracic CT phantom images
Topic: Statistics
Published: 1/11/2014
Authors: John Lu, Charles D. Fenimore
Abstract: Purpose: To estimate the bias and variance of radiologists measuring the size of spherical and complex synthetic nodules. Methods: This study did not require IRB approval. Six radiologists estimated the size of 10 synthetic nodules embedded within ...

33. Compatibility Verification of Certified Reference Materials and User Measurements
Topic: Statistics
Published: 12/9/2013
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: A problem that frequently occurs in metrology is one of assessing compatibility of data obtained by a user laboratory with the specified values and uncertainty estimates from the certificate of analysis. The user‰s data are summarized by a measura ...

34. Condensation Particle Counter Proportionality Calibration from 1 particle,cm-3 to 104 particles,cm-3
Topic: Statistics
Published: 11/29/2011
Authors: Miles Owen, George W. Mulholland, William F Guthrie
Abstract: The linearity of a condensation particle counter (CPC) (3760A, TSI, Inc.) for a monodisperse aerosol has been previously evaluated by comparison to an aerosol electrometer (AE) (Fletcher et al., 2009). The comparison of the CPC to the AE is an absolu ...

35. Conformance of Image Features to Classifier Assumptions
Topic: Statistics
Published: 7/27/2012
Authors: Julien Marc Amelot, Peter Bajcsy, Mary C Brady
Abstract: Cell measurements are derived frequently from the results of pixel classification and contiguous region segmentation of microscopy images. Image segmentation is accomplished by classifying image pixels based on high dimensional image features com ...

36. Conservative Confidence Ellipsoids for Linear Model Parameters
Topic: Statistics
Published: 12/1/2009
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: This paper studies properties of conservative confidence ellipsoids for parameters of a general linear model. These regions are obtained on the basis of a linear estimator when only a vague knowledge of (heterogeneous) error variances is available ...

37. Conservative Confidence Intervals Based on Weighted Means Statistics
Topic: Statistics
Published: 4/15/2007
Author: Andrew L Rukhin
Abstract: For weighted means estimators of the common mean of several normal populations associated (conservative) confidence intervals are constructed. These intervals are compared to several traditional confidence bounds. Monte Carlo simulation results of th ...

38. Consistency Tests for Key Comparison Data
Topic: Statistics
Published: 5/1/2004
Authors: Dominic F. (Dominic F.) Vecchia, Chih-Ming Wang

39. Copulas for Uncertainty Analysis
Topic: Statistics
Published: 4/20/2010
Author: Antonio M Possolo
Abstract: Applying the Monte Carlo method for propagation of measurement uncertainty described in the GUM Supplement 1, when the input quantities are correlated, involves the specification of a joint probability distribution for these quantities. In practice, ...

40. Decision Analysis Methods for Selecting Consumer Services with Attribute Value Uncertainty
Topic: Statistics
Published: 12/1/2013
Authors: Dennis D Leber, Jeffery W Herrmann
Abstract: The basic risky decision is defined as a decision for which an uncertain event, in addition to the alternative selected, defines the outcome. Beyond the uncertain event, additional uncertainties can enter a decision including the uncertainty in the ...

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