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Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 11/14/2008
Authors: Jan Obrzut, Jack F Douglas
Abstract: We measured the complex conductivity of carbon nanotube-polypropylene composites under mechanical shear conditions. In order to determine how flow alters the properties of these complex fluids we constructed a rheo-dielectric test fixture, which allo ...

112. Preparation and Characterization of Patchy Particles
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 11/14/2008
Authors: Thuy Chastek, Steven D Hudson, Vincent A Hackley
Abstract: The self-assembled organization of partilces depends on the symmetry of their interactions, and strides are being made in producing nanoaparticles of controlled shape and functionalization. This paper describes the use of particles adsorption to cont ...

113. Workshop on Measurement Needs for Local-Structure Determination in Inorganic Materials
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 11/8/2008
Authors: Igor Levin, Terrell A Vanderah
Abstract: The functional responses (e.g. dielectric, magnetic, catalytic, etc) of many industrially-relevant materials are controlled by their local structure a term that refers to the atomic arrangements on a scale ranging from atomic (sub-nanometer) to sev ...

114. Neutron Scattering Study of the Structural Change Induced by Photopolymerization of AOT/D2O/Dodecyl Acrylate Inverse Microemulsions
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 11/4/2008
Authors: Kirt Anthony Page, Jolanta Marszalek, John Pojman
Abstract: SANS/USANS measurements were used to determine the structural changes induced by photopolymerization of AOT/D2O/(Dodecyl Acrylate) inverse microemulsion systems.  Scattering profiles were collected for the initial microemulsions and the films resulti ...

115. Centrifugal Length Separation of Carbon Nanotubes
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 10/1/2008
Authors: Jeffrey A Fagan, Matthew Becker, Jae H. Chun, Barry J. Bauer, Jeffrey Ray Simpson, Angela R Hight Walker, Erik K. Hobbie
Abstract: Separation of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) by length via centrifugation in a high density medium, and the characterization of both the separated fractions and the centrifugation process are presented. Significant quantities of the separated ...

116. Piezoelectric Response of Nanoscale PbTiO3 in Composite PbTiO3-CoFe2O4 Epitaxial Films
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 8/15/2008
Authors: Igor Levin, Tan Zhuopeng, Alexander Roytburd, Katyayani Seal, Brian Rodriguez, Stephen Jesse, Sergei Kalinin, Art Baddorf
Abstract: Piezoelectric properties of PbTiO3 in 1/3PbTiO3-2/3CoFe2O4 transverse epitaxial nanostructures on differently oriented SrTiO3 were analyzed using conventional and switching-spectroscopy piezoelectric force microscopy. The results confirmed that the ...

117. Nanoimprint Lithography and the Role of Viscoelasticity in the Generation of Residual Stress in Model Polystyrene Patterns
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 6/10/2008
Authors: Yifu Ding, Hyun W. Ro, Jing N. Zhou, Brian C. Okerberg, Jack F Douglas, Alamgir Karim, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: Understanding polymer deformation during the nanoimprinting process is key to achieve robust polymer nanostructures. Information regarding the process can be extracted from monitoring the decay of the imprinted polymer patterns during thermal anneal ...

118. Directed Fabrication of Ceramic Nanostructures on Fragile Substrates Using Soft-Electron Beam Lithography (soft-eBL)
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 5/1/2008
Authors: Suresh Donthu, Nasim Alem, Zixlao Pan, Shu-you Li, Gajendra Shekhawat, Vinayak Dravid, Kurt D Benkstein, Stephen Semancik
Abstract: We demonstrate the use of a facile nanopatterning scheme known as soft-electron beam lithography (soft-eBL) to fabricate and site-specifically position a variety of functional ceramic nanostructures onto fragile substrates: a 75-nm thick electron-tra ...

119. Self-Sealing Nanoporous Low-k Dielectric Patterns Created by Nanoimprint Lithography
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 4/15/2008
Authors: Hyun W. Ro, H Peng, Ken-ich Nihara, Hae-Jeong Lee, Eric K Lin, Alamgir Karim, D Gidley, Hiropshi Jinai, Do Y. Yoon, Christopher L Soles
Abstract: In this letter we describe how highly porous nanostructures can be directly printed into a poly(methylsilsequioxane) (PMSQ)-based organosilicate film, with high pattern fidelity, and develop the measurement infrastructure to quantitatively evaluate ...

120. Multiscale Modeling of Lattice Defects in Si-Ge(001) Quantum Wells
Topic: Nanomaterials
Published: 4/9/2008
Authors: B. Yang, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: A computationally efficient hybrid Green¿s function (GF) technique is developed for multiscale modeling of lattice defects in a trilayer material system that links seamlessly the length scales from lattice (sub-nanometers) to continuum (bulk). The mo ...

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