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941. Comparison of Tensile Creep Measurements on Buttonhead and Pin-Loaded Specimens of Some Silicon Nitride Ceramics
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: Ralph Krause
Abstract: Tensile-creep measurements by two experimental techniques on two kinds of silicon nitride ceramics were compared statistically. Some of the measurements were obtained from published investigations conducted elsewhere. One technique uses buttonhead ...

942. Comparison of Two Methods for Determining Surface Roughness From Spectrophotometry Data
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: L D. Rotter
Abstract: The method of determining the surface roughness of a transparent solid interface by fitting spectrophotometric transmittance and/or reflectance data with a function that models the surface roughness as an effective medium layer is compared with scala ...

943. Competing Fracture Modes in Brittle Materials Subject to Concentrated Cyclic Loading in Liquid Environments: Bilayer Structures
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Yu Zhang, Sanjit Bhowmick, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: A preceding study of the competition between fracture modes in monolithic brittle materials in cyclic loading with curved indenters in liquid environments is here extended to brittle layers on compliant substrates. The fracture modes include outer a ...

944. Contact Area Correction for Random Surface Roughness on Nanoadhesion
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Seung Ho Yang, Huan Zhang, Stephen M. Hsu
Abstract: Atomic force microscopes (AFM) have been used to measure adhesion at nanoscale between two surfaces. Colloidal probes are often utilized for such measurements because they provide much lower contact pressures and controlled contact geometry, facilit ...

945. Contact Damage Produced in Si and MgO by Nanoindentation
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: B Hockey
Abstract: TEM has been used to characterize the defect structures produced in Si and Mgo by Berkovich indentation at loads ranging from 0.1 mN to 5 mN. Plane-section observations are used to describe the nature of the defects and their spatial distribution ab ...

946. Control of Nanophase Defects During Ceramic Melt Processing of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x High Tc Superconductors
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: T J Haugan, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Lawrence P. Cook, H J Brown, L Swartzendruber
Abstract: To improve the critical current density of Bi^d2^Sr^d2^CaCu^d2^O^d8+x^ high temperature superconductors (HTS) in high magnetic field applications (> 1 T from 20 K to 50 K), it is necessary to introduce a high density ({approximately equal to} 5 per 1 ...

947. Controlled Synthesis of Single-Crystalline InN Nanorods
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Igor Levin, Albert Davydov, O M Kryliouk, Hyun Jong Park, YongSun Won, T J Anderson, J P Kim, J A Freitas
Abstract: Single-crystalline InN nanorods were successfully grown on c-Al203, GaN, and Si substrates by non catalytic, template-free hydride metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy (H-MOVPE). Stable gas-phase oligomer formation is proposed as the nucleation mechani ...

948. Coupling Between Octahedral Tilting and Ferroelectric Order in Tetragonal Tungsten Bronze-Structured Dielectrics
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Igor Levin, M Stennett, D I Woodward, A R West, I Reaney
Abstract: Strong coupling between local polar displacements and a commensurate octahedral tilting is proposed to explain the onset of classic ferroelectric behavior in tetragonal tungsten bronze-like dielectrics BaLaxNd1-xNb3Ti2O15. The ferroelectric phase tr ...

949. Crystal Chemistry and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Ba^d3^Mnb^d2-x^Sb^dx^O^d9^(M=Mg, NI, Zn)
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M W. Lufaso, E Hopkins, S M Bell, A Llobet
Abstract: The effect of Sb5+ substitution on the crystal chemistry and dielectric properties of Ba3MNb2-xSbxO9 (M = Mg, Zn, Ni) was investigated using a combination of X-ray and neutron powder diffraction, and dielectric property measurements at microwave freq ...

950. Crystal Structures, Modeling, and Dielectric Property Relationships of 2:1 Ordered Ba3MM 2O9 (M = Mg, Ni, Zn; M = Nb, Ta) Perovskites
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: M W. Lufaso
Abstract: The preparation, modeled and refined crystal structures, and structure-dielectric property relationships of five Ba3MM 2O9 (M = Mg, Ni, Zn; M = Nb, Ta) perovskites are reported. Crystal structure modeling was used to generate initial structure model ...

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