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931. Ceramics Division FY 2003 Programs and Accomplishments
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Author: M B Kaufman
Abstract: A description of the technical activities and highlights of the Ceramics Division organized by projects within the MSEL programs.

932. Characterization of Diamond Powders by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Electron Energy Loss Spectro
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: P S Wang, Stephen M. Hsu, T N Witberg
Abstract: Paramagnetic defects in diamond powders were examined by x-band electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) for dangling bonds and unpaired electrons at 9.62 GHz. Strong spin centers were detected in all powders near g{nearly equal to} 2.0026 region. In ...

933. Characterization of New 5M and 7M Polytypes of Niobia-Doped Ca^d2^Ta^d2^O^d7^
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: I E Grey, Robert S. Roth, W G Mumme, J Planes, Leonid A Bendersky, C Li, J Chenavas
Abstract: Two new calcium tantalate polytypes have been prepared in the system Ca2Ta2O7-Ca2Nb2O7. Their structures have been determined and refined using single crystal X-ray diffraction data and powder neutron diffraction data, and their dielectric propertie ...

934. Characterization of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Layers by Computed X-Ray Microtomography and Small-Angle Scattering
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Andrew John Allen, T A Dobbins, J Ilavsky, F Zhao, A Virkar, J Almer, F DeCarlo

935. Characterization of Spatial Heterogenieties in Detector Grade CdZnTe
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Martine Duff, Douglas Hunter, Arnold Burger, Michael Groza, V Buliga, J Bradley, G Graham, Z Dai, N Teslich, David R Black, H E. Burdette, A Lanzirotti
Abstract: Synthetic Cd1-xZnxTe or CZT crystals are highly suitable for the room temperature-based spectroscopy of gamma radiation. Structural/morphological heterogeneities within CZT, such as secondary phases that are thought to consist of Te metal, can hav ...

936. Characterization of the Mirror Region With Atomic Force Microscopy
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Sheldon Martin Wiederhorn, Jose Lopez-Cepero, Jay S Wallace, Jean-Pierre Guin, Theo Fett
Abstract: In this paper we use atomic force microscopy to investigate the roughness of the mirror region in silica glass. We demonstrate a decrease in surface RMS Roughness from about 0.5 nm to about 0.4 nm with increasing stress intensity factor (0.5KIc to ab ...

937. Chemical Analysis of HfO^d2^/ Si (100) Film Systems Exposed to NH^d3^ Thermal Processing
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Patrick S Lysaght, Joseph C Woicik, Daniel A Fischer, Gennadi Bersuker, Joel Barnett, Brendan Foran, Hsing-Huang Tseng, Raj Jammy
Abstract: Nitrogen incorporation in HfO2/SiO2 films utilized as high-k gate dielectric layers in advanced metal-oxide field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) has been investigated. Thin HfO2 blanket films deposited by atomic layer deposition on either SiO2 or NH3 t ...

938. Combinatorial Study of Nickel-Gold P-Contacts for Blue Indium Gallium Nitride Light-Emitting Diodes
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: M T Ahrens, E B Stokes, Albert Davydov, Peter K. Schenck, Abhishek Motayed, T R Harris, S T Morton
Abstract: Although the efficiency of the Gallium Nitride (GaN) Light Emitting-Diode (LED) has improved in the past decade, a great opportunity for further efficiency improvement lies in the optimization of the Nickel-Gold composition of the p-type GaN metal co ...

939. Combinatorial Tools for Inorganic Thin Films
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Peter K. Schenck, Debra L Kaiser
Abstract: We report the deveopment of a novel dual beam - dual target pulsed laser deposition (PLD) system for the production of compositionally-graded library films for combinatorial thin film materials research. In-situ process monitoring, including high-spe ...

940. Comparative Dielectric Behavior of PBFe^d1/2^Ta^d1/2^O^d3^ and NaNbO^d3^:Gd Relaxor-Like Crystals
Topic: Ceramics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: I P Raevski, S A Prosandeev, U Waghmare, V V Eremkin, V G Smotrakov, V A Shuvaeva
Abstract: Experimental data obtained for PBFe^d1/2^Ta^d1/2^0^d3^ (PFT) and NaNbO^d3^:Gd (NaNbGd) single crystals show a diffused dielectric permittivity peak that is inherent to relaxor ferroelectrics. However some deviations from the normal relaxor propertie ...

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