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81. Encapsulated Chondrocyte Response in a Pulsatile Flow Bioreactor
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: James Cooper, W Li, L A Bailey, Steven D Hudson, Sheng Lin-Gibson, Kristi S. Anseth, Rocky Tuan, N. R. Washburn

82. Electrochemical Study of Chitosan Films Deposited on Gold Electrodes
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 7/28/2006
Authors: Rebecca A Zangmeister, J J Park, G W Rubloff, Michael J Tarlov
Abstract: We report the electrochemical characterization of chitosan films deposited on gold electrodes. Cyclic voltammetry was used to characterize the deposition and electroactivity of chitosan coated gold electrodes. Chitosan films were found to deposit a ...

83. Transverse Fracture of Brittle Bilayers Relevance to Failure of All-Ceramic Dental Crowns
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 3/1/2006
Authors: Jeonghwan Kim, Sanjit Bhowmick, Ilja Hermann, Brian Ronald Lawn
Abstract: A study is made of the behavior of cracks approaching interfaces in all-ceramic crown-like bilayers. Flat specimens are fabricated by fusing porcelain veneers onto Y-TZP and alumina core ceramic plates, with veneer/core matching to minimize residual ...

84. Polymerization Shrinkage And Stress Development In Bioactive Urethane Acrylic Resin Composites
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/1/2006
Authors: Joseph M Antonucci, Tonya Icenogle, W F Regnault, D W. Liu, J N O'Donnell, Drago Skrtic

85. Cellular Response to Phase-Separated Blends of Tyrosine-Derived Polycarbonates
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Matthew Becker, L A Bailey, J S Stephens, Aarti Rege, J Kohn, Eric J. Amis

86. Gene Expression Profiles of Cells in Response to Tyrosine Polycarbonate Blends
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 10/1/2004
Authors: Matthew Becker, L A Bailey, N Washburn, J Kohn, Eric J. Amis
Abstract: The evaluation and identification of detrimental interactions between biological species and synthetic surfaces is a daunting challenge as the number of materials and control of physical variables increases. In this talk, the physical properties of ...

87. Quantification of Inflammatory Cellular Responses Using Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 5/1/2004
Authors: L A Bailey, N. R. Washburn, Carl George Simon Jr, E S Chan, Francis W Wang
Abstract: : The introduction of tissue engineering approaches for the repair and replacement of human body components extends the application and importance of synthetic materials (biomaterials). Implanted biomaterials frequently evoke inflammatory responses, ...

88. Towards In-Situ Monitoring of Cell Growth in Tissue Engineering Scaffolds: High Resolution Optical Techniques
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/12/2004
Authors: Marcus T Cicerone, Joy P Dunkers, N Washburn
Abstract: Inability to obtain cellular-level information about progress of cell growth in tissue-engineering (TE) scaffolds is a pervasive problem. We demonstrate that a confocal microscope with two collinear contrast mechanisms, optical coherence, and fluore ...

89. Protein and Solvent Dynamics: How Strongly Are They Coupled?
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/1/2004
Authors: G Caliskan, D Mechtani, J H Roh, A Kisliuk, Alexei Sokolov, S Azzam, Marcus T Cicerone, Sheng Lin-Gibson, I Peral
Abstract: Analysis of Raman spectra of protein lysozyme demonstrates that its dynamics follow well the dynamics of solvents glycerol and trehalose. The protein s fast conformational fluctuations and low-frequency vibrations and their temperature variations are ...

90. The Use of MALDI-TOF MS and 1H NMR as Complimentary Methods for Confirming Composition and Purity of Hydrogel Prepolymers
Topic: Biomaterials
Published: 1/1/2004
Author: Sheng Lin-Gibson

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