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Topic: Simulation
Published: 10/15/2009
Authors: Swee Kong Leong, Guodong Shao, Nils Erik Gunnar Bengtsson
Abstract: A major aerospace company operates large factories that involve thousands of component parts, subassemblies, major sub-systems, tools, fixtures, and material handling equipments to assemble commercial airplanes every day. They are considered mobile a ...

52. Input Data Management Methodology for Discrete Event Simulation
Topic: Simulation
Published: 8/26/2009
Authors: Nils Erik Gunnar Bengtsson, Guodong Shao, Yung-Tsun Tina Lee, Swee Kong Leong, Charles R. McLean, Bjorn Johansson, Anders Skoogh
Abstract: Input Data Management (IDM) is a time consuming and costly process for Discrete Event Simulation (DES) projects. In this paper, a methodology for IDM in DES projects is described. The approach is to use a methodology to identify and collect data, ...

53. Representing Layout Information in the CMSD Specification
Topic: Simulation
Published: 8/26/2009
Authors: Frank H Riddick, Yung-Tsun Tina Lee
Abstract: Developing mechanisms for the efficient exchange of information between simulations and other manufacturing tools is a critical problem. For many areas of manufacturing, neither representations for the information nor mechanisms for exchanging the in ...

54. Enabling Flexible Manufacturing Systems by Using Level of Automation as Design Parameter
Topic: Simulation
Published: 8/19/2009
Authors: Bjorn J. Johansson, Asa Fasth, Johan Stahre, Juhani Heilala, Swee Kong Leong, Yung-Tsun Tina Lee, Frank H Riddick
Abstract: Handling flexibility in an ever changing manufacturing environment is one of the key challenges for a successful industry. By using tools for virtual manufacturing, industries can analyze and predict outcomes of changes before taking action to ...

55. Recommended Practices for Homeland Security Modeling and Simulation
Topic: Simulation
Published: 8/13/2009
Authors: Sanjay Jain, Charles McLean
Abstract: This paper recommends practices for development and deployment of modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A) tools for homeland security applications. The set of recommended practices applicable to any MS&A application includes: software engineering ...

56. Overview of MSA Needs for Homeland Security
Topic: Simulation
Published: 7/29/2009
Authors: Charles R. McLean, Sanjay Jain, Yung-Tsun Tina Lee
Abstract: A number of modeling, simulation and analysis (MSA) efforts have evolved to support homeland security initiatives. Various organizations involved in homeland security related work have realized the value of MSA and have funded development for their i ...

57. System Testing Using Use Cases for an ER Simulation Model
Topic: Simulation
Published: 7/29/2009
Author: Guodong Shao
Abstract: Modeling and simulation (M&S) techniques are increasingly being used to solve problems and aid decision making in many different fields. It is particularly useful for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) applications because of its feature of non-de ...

Topic: Simulation
Published: 5/11/2009
Authors: Guodong Shao, Charles R. McLean, Alexander Brodsky, Paul Ammann
Abstract: Modeling and simulation (M&S) techniques are increasingly being used to solve problems and aid decision making in many different fields. Results of simulations are expected to provide reliable information for decision makers. But potential errors may ...

59. Advancing Manufacturing Research Through Competitions
Topic: Simulation
Published: 4/17/2009
Authors: Stephen B. Balakirsky, Rajmohan Madhavan
Abstract: Competitions provide a technique for building interest and collaboration in targeted research areas. This paper will present a new competition that aims to increase collaboration amongst Universities, automation end-users, and automation manufacturer ...

60. Tradeoffs in Building a Generic Supply Chain Simulation Capability
Topic: Simulation
Published: 10/15/2008
Author: Sanjay Jain
Abstract: Building a simulation model for any large complex sys-tem requires high expertise and effort. These requirements can be reduced through building generic simulation capability that includes artifacts for facilitating the development of the simulation ...

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