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801. A Method for the Spatial Calibration of a Commercial Phase Measuring Interferometer-Practical Implementation
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/1/1994
Authors: P Sullivan, Christopher J. Evans
Abstract: Abstract not available.

802. Dynamics and Structure of Self-Assembled Organic Molecules at the Solid-Liquid Interface
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/1/1994
Authors: J Jorgensen, N Shcmeisser, J Garnaes, L Madsen, K Schaumburg, Larry Hansen
Abstract: We have analysed scanning tunnelling microscopc (STM) images of self-assembled didodecylbenzene (DDB) molecules physisorbed on graphite from a DDB solution using octylbenzene as solvent. The DDB images were obtained alternating with images of the gra ...

803. Design of an Atomic Force Microscope with Interferometric Position Control
Topic: Metrology
Published: 8/19/1994
Authors: J Schneir, T Mcwaid, J Alexander, B Wilfley
Abstract: Advances in the manufacture of integrated circuits, x?ray optics, magnetic read-write heads, optical data storage media, and razor blades require advances in ultraprecision metrology. Each of these industries is currently investigating the use of ato ...

804. Radiation Scattered by Two Touching Spheres
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/20/1994
Author: Egon Marx
Abstract: During the manufacture of powder metal, the size distribution of the metal spheres can be determined to some extent by the distribution of light scattered by the spheres while they are streaming by a laser beam. Micrographs show the presence of chain ...

805. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) J93 Project Proposal Report
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/15/1994
Authors: Michael T Postek, Robert D. Larrabee, L Linholm, James Edward Potzick, J Schneir, T Mcwaid, Michael W Cresswell, Richard A Allen, E Clayton Teague
Abstract: Unavailable.

806. A Users' Guide to NIST SRM 2084: CMM Probe Performance Standards
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/1/1994
Authors: Gregory W Caskey, Steven David Phillips, Bruce R. Borchardt, David E Ward, Daniel S Sawyer
Abstract: Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are well-characterized materials, produced in quantity and certified for one or more physical or chemical properties. They are used to assure ...

807. A Monte Carlo Model for SEM Linewidth Metrology
Topic: Metrology
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: J R. Lowney, Michael T Postek, Andras Vladar
Abstract: A scanning electron microscope (SEM) can be used to measure the dimensions of the microlithographic features of integrated circuits. However, without a good model of the electron-beam / specimen interaction, accurate edge location cannot be obtained. ...

808. An Instrument for Calibrating Atomic Force Microscope Standards
Topic: Metrology
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: J Schneir, T Mcwaid, Theodore Vincent Vorburger
Abstract: To facilitate the use of AFMs for manufacturing we have initiated a project to develop and calibrate artifacts which can in turn be used to calibrate a commercial AFM so that subsequent AFM measurement are accurate and traceable back to the wavelengt ...

809. Electrical Test Structure for Overlay Metrology Referenced to Absolute Length Standards
Topic: Metrology
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: Michael W Cresswell, William B. Penzes, Robert Allen, L Linholm, C Ellenwood, E Clayton Teague
Abstract: This test structure is based on the voltage-dividing potentiometer principle and was originally replicated in a single lithography cycle to evaluate feature placement by a primary pattern generator. A new test structure has now been developed from th ...

810. Photoreflectance Study of the Chemically Modified (100) GaAs Surface
Topic: Metrology
Published: 5/1/1994
Authors: John A Dagata, O Glembocki, J Tuchman, K Ko, S Pang
Abstract: Photoreflectance (PR) spectroscopy has been used to study the Fermi-level pinning position of chemically modified (100) GaAs surfaces. It is shown that there are two pinning positions for the unmodified (100) GaAs surface. For n-GaAs, the Fermi level ...

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