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61. Accurate Measurements of Process Gas Flow with Laminar Flow Meters
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/15/2010
Authors: Thiago Cobu, Robert F Berg, John D Wright, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We calibrated three models of commercially-manufactured, laminar flow meters (LFMs) with nitrogen at four pressures (100 kPa, 200 kPa, 300 kPa, and 400 kPa) over a 10:1 flow range using NIST‰s primary flow standards and a physical model. Without addi ...

62. Description and Uncertainty Analysis of NIST‰s 20 Liter Hydrocarbon Liquid Flow Standard (20 L HLFS)
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/15/2010
Authors: Aaron N Johnson, Christopher J. Crowley, Tsyh Tyan Yeh
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) uses a bi-directional piston prover as its primary standard for measuring hydrocarbon liquid flows ranging from 1.86 × 10-5 m3/s (0.3 gpm) to 2.6 × 10-3 m3/s (40 gpm). An uncertainty analysis ...

63. Methodology for evaluating Static six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) Perception Systems
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/15/2010
Authors: Tommy Chang, Tsai Hong Hong, Joseph A Falco, Michael O Shneier, Milli Shah, Roger D Eastman
Abstract: In this paper, we apply two fundamental approaches toward evaluating a static, vision based, six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) pose determination system that measures the position and orientation of a part. The first approach uses ground\-truth carefully ...

64. Properties for Accurate Gas Flow Measurements
Topic: Metrology
Published: 10/15/2010
Author: John D Wright
Abstract: Accurate gas properties are needed to take full advantage of the low uncertainties provided by NIST‰s Gas Flow Calibration Services. If a flowmeter user and NIST use different values for these properties (molecular mass, compressibility, density, vis ...

65. Embedded Capacitive Displacement Sensor for Nanopositioning Applications
Topic: Metrology
Published: 8/17/2010
Authors: Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic1, Nicholas G Dagalakis, Rae Duk Lee, Yong Sik Kim, Jae Myung Yoo, Seung Ho Yang
Abstract: The scale of nano objects requires very precise position determination. The state-of-the-art manipulators involve accurate nanometer positioning. This paper presents the design of a capacitive displacement sensor for a nanopositioning application. Th ...

66. Choosing test positions for laser tracker evaluation and future Standards development
Topic: Metrology
Published: 7/15/2010
Authors: Balasubramanian Muralikrishnan, Daniel S Sawyer, Christopher J Blackburn, Steven David Phillips, Craig M Shakarji, Ed Morse, Robert Bridges
Abstract: A working group within the ISO TC 213 committee is developing a draft document [11] for evaluating the performance of laser trackers. The ASME B89.4.19 Standard [1] and the draft VDI/VDE 2617 part 10 [2] describe some useful tests that are incorporat ...

67. High-voltage Nanoimprint Lithography of Refractory Metal Film
Topic: Metrology
Published: 7/1/2010
Authors: John A. Dagata, Natalia Farkas, R Ramsier
Abstract: Local oxidation of metal, semiconductor, and polymer surfaces has provided a common basis from which to explore fundamental principles of nanolithography and prototype functional nanostructures for many years now. This article summarizes an investiga ...

68. Cylindrical Acoustic Resonator for the Re-determination of the Boltzmann Constant
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/1/2010
Authors: J.T. Zhang, H. Lin, X.J. Feng, Keith A Gillis, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We describe progress towards re-determining the Boltzmann constant {I}k{/I}^dB^ using two fixed-path, gas-filled, cylindrical, acoustic cavity resonators. The longitudinal acoustic resonance modes of a cylindrical cavity have lower quality factors {I ...

69. Feasibility of an Accurate Dynamic Standard for Water Flow
Topic: Metrology
Published: 6/1/2010
Authors: Iosif I Shinder, Michael R Moldover
Abstract: We used NIST's primary water flow standard to study the feasibility of accurately determining mass flow rates {I}m{/I}^ddot^ of water "dynamically," that is from the time derivative of the weight {I}W{/I} of the collection tank: {I}m{/I ...

70. Performance of Critical Flow Venturis under Transient Conditions
Topic: Metrology
Published: 4/13/2010
Author: John D Wright
Abstract: Critical flow venturis (CFVs) can be used to measure flow under transient pressure and flow conditions with uncertainties of 0.13 % or less (95 % confidence level). Blow-down tests transferred 630 g of nitrogen during a 100 s interval from an unregul ...

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