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241. Using the Media Independent Information Service to Support Mobile Authentication in Fast Mobile IPv6
Topic: Networking
Published: 4/12/2009
Authors: Constantine Kleomenis Christakos, Antonio Izquierdo Manzanares, Richard Antoine Rouil, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: We explore the use of the Media Independent Information Service (MIIS) in the IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIH) framework to improve handover performance for Fast Mobile IPv6 by providing Authentication information. We explore the tradeoff ...

242. Vertical Handoff Decision Algorithms for Providing Optimized Performance in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Topic: Networking
Published: 2/3/2009
Authors: SuKyoung Lee, Kotikalapudi Sriram, Kyungsoo Kim, JongHyup Lee, YoonHyuk Kim, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: There are currently a large variety of wireless access networks, including the emerging Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs). A large variety of applications utilizing these networks will demand features such as real-time, high-availability and even ins ...

243. Virtual Reality Platform to Study RF Propagation in Body Area Networks
Topic: Networking
Published: 12/2/2012
Authors: Kamran Sayrafian, John G Hagedorn, Wen-Bin Yang, Judith Ellen Terrill
Abstract: Design of efficient wireless communication protocols for body area networks requires in-depth understanding of the propagation media i.e. the human body. As obtaining large amount of data for many scenarios and use-cases via physical experiment i ...

244. Voting Issues Discussion, IEEE 802.21-05-217-01
Topic: Networking
Published: 1/1/2005
Author: Nada T Golmie
Abstract: We have implemented a quantum key distribution (QKD) system with polarization encoding at 850 nm over 1 km of optical fiber. The high-speed management of the bit-stream, generation of random numbers and processing of the sifting algorithm are all ha ...

245. WS-Biometric Devices
Topic: Networking
Published: 12/17/2013
Authors: Kevin C Mangold, Ross J Micheals

246. Where in the Internet is Congestion?
Topic: Networking
Published: 7/26/2013
Author: Daniel Ilya Genin
Abstract: Understanding distribution of congestion in the Internet is a long-standing problem. Using data from the SamKnows US broadband access network measurement study, commissioned by the FCC, we explore patterns of congestion distribution in DSL and cable ...

247. Wireless Enhancements for Storage Area Networks
Topic: Networking
Published: 10/1/2005
Authors: David Wesley Griffith, Kotikalapudi Sriram, J Gao, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: We propose the creation of a wireless storage area network (SAN) and analyze its benefits. The proposed wireless SAN (WSAN) consists of a SAN switch that is connected to multiple wireless access points (APs) that communicate with the storage devices ...

248. Wireless Networks for Smart Grid Applications
Topic: Networking
Published: 6/29/2012
Authors: David Wesley Griffith, Michael R Souryal, Nada T Golmie
Abstract: This chapter discusses the use of wireless networks in the context of the smart grid. First, it provides an overview of the various applications envisaged in the smart grid and discusses their communication requirements. Sifting through thousands o ...

249. Wireless Security: 802.11, Bluetooth and Handheld Devices
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 800-48
Topic: Networking
Published: 11/1/2002
Authors: Athanasios T Karygiannis, L Owens
Abstract: [Superseded by SP 800-48 Rev. 1 (July 2008):] The purpose of this document is to provide agencies with guidance for establishing secure wireless networks. Agencies are encouraged to ...

250. Working Implementation Agreements for Open System Interconnection Protocols
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 89-4140
Topic: Networking
Published: 9/1/1989
Author: Frederick E Boland Jr

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