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31. Benchmarks, Performance Evaluation and Contests for 3D Shape Retrieval
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 12/20/2010
Authors: Afzal A Godil, Zhouhui Lian, Helin Dutagaci
Abstract: Benchmarking of 3D Shape retrieval allows developers and researchers to compare the strengths of different algorithms on a standard dataset. Here we discuss the different steps involved in developing a benchmark and some of the issues involved. We th ...

Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 12/20/2010
Authors: Zhouhui Lian, Afzal A Godil
Abstract: Matching non-rigid shapes is a challenging research field in content-based 3D object retrieval. In this paper, we present an image-based method to effectively address this problem. Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) and Principal Component Analysis ( ...

33. Free and Open Source Software
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 12/13/2010
Authors: Keith Miller, Jeffrey Mark Voas, Tom Costello
Abstract: In this paper, free and open source software are discussed. Open source is an intellectual property destroyer. Nothing could be worse than this for the software business and the intellectual-property business. Microsoft has an official open source pr ...

34. Mobile Applications: the Fifth Cycle
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 12/13/2010
Authors: George Hurlburt, Jeffrey Mark Voas, Keith Miller
Abstract: Using the analogy of an existing smart car, this paper explores Power to the Edge , where the edge is commercial mobile computing. The world is poised for a 5th Cycle of computer capability, this time focused on the burgeoning phenomena of mobile co ...

35. In Trust we Trust
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 10/14/2010
Authors: Keith Miller, Jeffrey Mark Voas, Phillip Laplante
Abstract: The term trust has had a well understood definition for centuries. However after e-trust came along, and then cloud, where e-trust is not sufficient due to the non-touchability of a public cloud, the need to reconsider what trust means for a public ...

36. Ethics and the Cloud
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 9/30/2010
Authors: Keith Miller, Jeffrey Mark Voas
Abstract: Cloud computing is an idea that's rapidly evolving. Still, the amount of money and attention devoted to this topic makes it seems sensible to discuss how ethicists view the kinds of changes in computing that are being called "the cloud." This departm ...

Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 9/2/2010
Author: Hamid Gharavi
Abstract: Image inpainting is a useful and powerful technique for automatically restoring or removing objects in films and damaged pictures. In the last ten years, many excellent inpainting algorithms have been proposed after Bertalmio et al. [1]. However, no ...

38. A Shape-based Searching System for Industrial Components
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 7/24/2010
Authors: Chun Pan (Benny) Cheung, Afzal A Godil
Abstract: A web-based application has been developed for shape-based searching for industrial components. The application is based on Flex, which is excellent at providing highly interactive user interfaces, and O3D, which can display 3D models in a web br ...

39. APPROACHES AND BEST PRACTICES: Data Collection of Audio Dialogues to Support the Training of Speech-to-Speech Translation Systems
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 7712
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 6/25/2010
Authors: Brian A Weiss, Craig I Schlenoff, Ann M Virts
Abstract: The purpose of this document is to describe the best practices that personnel from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have developed and implemented to efficiently and effectively capture two-way, free-form speech-to-speech aud ...

40. How To Identify Personnel With Significant Responsibilities For Information Security
Series: ITL Bulletin
Topic: Information Delivery Systems
Published: 6/22/2010
Author: Mark Wilson
Abstract: This Bulletin is written to assist federal departments and agencies to meet their information security training responsibilities. Determining who has significant responsibilities for information security is the crucial first step that allows an orga ...

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