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41. Method for estimating the dielectric constant of natural gas mixtures
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 1/11/2005
Authors: Allan H Harvey, Eric W Lemmon
Abstract: A method is developed for calculating the static dielectric constant (relative permittivity) of fluid mixtures, with an emphasis on natural gas. The dielectric constant is calculated as a function of temperature, density, and composition; the density ...

42. Methodology for Formulating Diesel Surrogate Fuels with Accurate Compositional, Ignition-Quality, and Volatility Characteristics
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/14/2012
Authors: Charles J. Mueller, William J. Cannella, Thomas J Bruno, Bruce Bunting, Heather Dettman, James A. Franz, Marcia L Huber, Mani Natarajan, William J. Pitz, Matthew A. Ratcliff, Ken Wright
Abstract: In this work a novel approach is developed to formulate surrogate fuels having characteristics that are representative of diesel fuels produced from real-world refinery streams. Because diesel fuels consist of hundreds of compounds, it is difficult t ...

43. NIST Standard Reference Database 23: Reference Fluid Thermodynamic and Transport Properties-REFPROP, Version 9.1
Series: Natl Std. Ref. Data Series (NIST NSRDS)
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/7/2013
Authors: Eric W Lemmon, Marcia L Huber, Mark O McLinden
Abstract: This is a new release of the NIST Standard Reference Database 23, commonly known as REFPROP. Enhancements have been made to most areas of the NIST REFPROP program, including the graphical interface, the Excel spreadsheet, the FORTRAN files (i.e., cor ...

44. P-{rho}-T Behavior of Four Lean Synthetic Natural-Gas-Like Mixtures from 250 K to 450 K with Pressures to 37 MPa
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 2/18/2011
Author: Mark O McLinden
Abstract: The p-{rho}-T behaviors of four lean synthetic natural gas mixtures were measured along isotherms of 250 K, 350 K, and 450 K with pressures to 37 MPa with a two-sinker, magnetic-suspension densimeter. The gravimetrically prepared mixtures have seven ...

45. Preliminary Surrogate Mixture Models for the Thermophysical Properties of Rocket Propellants RP-1 and RP-2
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 5/19/2009
Authors: Marcia L Huber, Eric W Lemmon, Lisa S. Ott, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: We developed surrogate mixture models to represent the thermophysical properties of a two kerosene rocket propellants, RP-1 and RP-2. The surrogates were developed with a procedure that incorporated experimental data for the density, sound speed, vis ...

46. Pressure Controlled Advanced Distillation Curve Analysis on Biodiesel Fuels
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 3/27/2011
Authors: Bret Windom, Tara M Lovestead, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: Biodiesel fuel is an alternative fuel that can be derived from a number of renewable feedstocks including plant and vegetable oils, algae, animal fats, waste oils, etc. The fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) profile, and thus the resultant properties, of ...

47. Pressure-Controlled Advanced Distillation Curve Analysis of Biodiesel Fuels: Assessment of Thermal Decomposition
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 4/5/2012
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Bret Windom
Abstract: One of the most important properties measured for liquid fuels is the volatility, usually as expressed by the distillation curve. In previous work, we introduced the composition explicit or advanced distillation curve (ADC) metrology, which we have ...

48. Properties of a 50/50 Mixture of Jet-A + S-8
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 6647
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 3/14/2007
Authors: Thomas J Bruno, Arno R Laesecke, Stephanie L Outcalt, Hans-Dieter Seelig, Beverly L. Smith
Abstract: This report describes measurement efforts performed on the mixture of aviation fuels: Jet-A + S-8*. The primary mixture is a 50/50 (vol/vol) combination of the two fuels. Measurements include chemical analysis, density, viscosity, speed of sound and ...

Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 6/10/2011
Authors: Robert P. Borthwick, Matthew F Bundy
Abstract: This study provides an analysis of the uncertainty of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from an 8 MW natural gas burner. A precise and accurate point source for industrial quantities of carbon dioxide can be used to evaluate the performance of stack ga ...

50. Radiocarbon as a Tool to Apportion the Sources of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Black Carbon in Environmental Samples
Topic: Fossil Fuels
Published: 4/15/2002
Authors: C. M. Reddy, A. Pearson, L. Xu, A. P. McNichol, Bruce A Benner Jr, Stephen A Wise, George A Klouda, Lloyd A. Currie, T. I. Eglinton

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