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51. Improved activation and hydrogen storage properties of an amorphous Mg85Ni15 melt-spun alloy via surface treatment with NH4+ solution
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 10/13/2011
Author: Eric Lass
Abstract: An amorphous Mg85Ni15 melt-spun hydrogen storage alloy, processed by submersion in an aqueous solution of NH4+, is able to absorb >5 wt. % hydrogen at 473 K during the first hydrogenation cycle. The nanocrystalline microstructure formed during devit ...

52. Improving the Uncertainty Analysis of NIST's Pulse Parameter Measurement Service
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 11/1/2000
Authors: Nicholas G Paulter Jr, Donald R Larson
Abstract: A new uncertainty analysis is being performed for NIST's pulse parameter measurement service that represents the new pulse parameter measurement and extraction process. This new analysis is also expected to have lower uncertainties compared to those ...

53. Inelastic Neutron Scattering on Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 5/7/2012
Authors: Huagen H. Peng, Madhusudan Tyagi, Kirt Anthony Page, Christopher Soles
Abstract: The relationship between ion transport and polymer dynamics is central to the pursuit of solid polymer electrolytes for lithium batteries. This understanding is critical to achieve solid polymer electrolyte systems of sufficiently high ion conductiv ...

54. Interface scattering in polycrystalline thermoelectrics
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 3/24/2014
Authors: Adrian Popescu, Paul M Haney
Abstract: We study the effect of electron and phonon interface scattering on the thermoelectric properties of disordered, polycrystalline materials (with grain sizes larger than electron and phonons' mean free path). Interface scattering of electrons is treat ...

55. Interfacial morphology and water transport of proton-conducting polymer membranes in fuel cell
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 7/5/2013
Authors: Sangcheol Kim, Joseph A Dura, Kirt Anthony Page, Christopher Soles
Abstract: We quantify the interfacial structure and corresponding water transport kinetics in thin films of Nafion using neutron reflectivity (NR) and quartz-crystal microbalance (QCM) by integrating these measurements with in-situ, controlled relative hum ...

56. Kinetics Studies of the Interfacial Reactions of the Ba^d2^Ycu^d3^O^d6+x^ Superconductor With CeO^d2^ Buffer
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 10/16/2007
Authors: Lawrence P. Cook, Winnie K Wong-Ng, Z Yang, Peter K. Schenck, Igor Levin, Julia Frank
Abstract: Interfacial reactions between the Ba2YCu3O6+x superconductor and the CeO2 buffer layer employed in coated conductors have been modeled experimentally by investigating the kinetics of the reaction between Ba2YCu3O6+x and CeO2. At 810 C and pO2 = 100 ...

57. Large-area irradiance-mode spectral response measurements of solar cells by a light-emitting-diode- based integrating sphere source
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 5/30/2014
Authors: Behrang H Hamadani, John F Roller, Andrew M Shore, Brian P Dougherty, Howard W Yoon
Abstract: An irradiance-mode absolute differential spectral response measurement system based on a light emitting diode (LED) array is described. The LEDs are coupled to an integrating sphere whose output irradiance is uniform to better than 2 % over an ar ...

58. Local Structure of Cu in Cs8Na16Cu5Ge131 Type II Clathrate
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 1/8/2009
Authors: Winnie K Wong-Ng, Azzam Mansour, Matthew Beekman, George S. Nolas
Abstract: We have used X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) to investigate the local structure of Cu and Ge in the Cs8Na16Cu5Ge131 type II clathrate. We show that the local structure parameters, coordination number, and distances for Ge are consistent with thos ...

59. Low-Jitter Trigger System for Pulse Calibration and Intercomparison of High-Speed Samplers
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 6/1/1998
Author: Nicholas G Paulter Jr

60. Measurements of Density and Speed of Sound of JP-10 and Comparison to Rocket Propellants and Jet Fuels
Topic: Energy Conversion, Storage, and Transport
Published: 2/14/2011
Authors: Stephanie L Outcalt, Arno R Laesecke
Abstract: Densities of the missile fuel JP-10 were measured with two vibrating-tube densimeters. The combined range of the data is from 270 K to 470 K with pressures to 30 MPa. The speed of sound in the fuel was measured with a propagation time method at ambie ...

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