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41. Measurements and Models for the Wireless Channel in a Ground-Based Urban Setting in Two Public Safety Frequency Bands
Series: Technical Note (NIST TN)
Report Number: 1557
Topic: Wireless
Published: 1/20/2011
Authors: William F Young, Catherine A Remley, David W. Matolak, Qian Zhang, Christopher L Holloway, Chriss A. Grosvenor, Camillo A Gentile, Galen H Koepke, Qiong Wu
Abstract: We report on measured peer-to-peer (ground-based) wireless channel characteristics for an urban environment in two public safety frequency bands. Results are based upon measurements taken in Denver in June 2009. The public safety bands we investigate ...

42. Performance Measurements and Analysis of Low Data Rate Wireless Communication Under Interference Sources in Buildings
Topic: Wireless
Published: 10/13/2010
Authors: Wenqi Guo, William M Healy, Mengchu Zhou
Abstract: Interference from collocated networks operating over the same frequency range becomes an increasingly severe problem as the number of networks overlapping geographically increases within commercial and residential buildings. This paper aims to highli ...

43. An Experimental Study of Interference Impacts on ZigBee-based Wireless Communications Inside Buildings
Topic: Wireless
Published: 8/7/2010
Authors: Wenqi Guo, William M Healy, Mengchu Zhou
Abstract: ZigBee is a wireless technology developed as an open global standard to address the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless sensor networks. This standard takes full advantages of the IEEE 802.15.4 physical radio specification and operates in un ...

44. Non-Coherent Amplify-and-Forward Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test Receiver
Topic: Wireless
Published: 7/30/2010
Author: Michael R Souryal
Abstract: This paper proposes a simple non-coherent amplify-and-forward receiver for the relay channel and evaluates its diversity performance for Rayleigh fading channels. We use the generalized likelihood ratio test to obtain the decision rule in closed form ...

45. Impact of RF Interference between a Passive RFID System and a Frequency Hopping Communications System in the 900 MHz ISM Band
Topic: Wireless
Published: 7/25/2010
Author: Michael R Souryal
Abstract: We present experimental measurements and analysis of RF interference between a passive RFID system and a generic frequency hopping communications system in the 902 928 MHz ISM radio band. Interference in both directions is considered, RFID to communi ...

46. Bit Error Rate Measurements in Reverberation Chambers using a VSA
Topic: Wireless
Published: 6/21/2010
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Sander Floris, Christopher L Holloway
Abstract: We discuss practical measurement implementation issues regarding the use of a vector signal analyzer for making bit-error-rate measurements in reverberation chambers. These issues include synchronizing the transmitted and received signals in spite of ...

47. Reverberation-Chamber Test Environment for Outdoor Urban Wireless Propagation Studies
Topic: Wireless
Published: 6/21/2010
Authors: Helge Fielitz, Catherine A Remley, Christopher L Holloway, Qian Zhang, Qiong Wu, David W. Matolak
Abstract: We introduce a test environment to replicate the well-known clustering of reflections in power delay profiles from urban wireless propagation environments that exhibit late-time delays and reflections. The test set-up combines discrete reflecti ...

48. Modeling and Measurement of Nonlinear Distortion in Software-Defined-Radio Receiver Front Ends
Topic: Wireless
Published: 6/4/2010
Authors: Catherine A Remley, Nuno Carvalho, Pedro Cruz
Abstract: We evaluate the nonlinear distortion in a software-defined radio front end consisting of a low-noise amplifier followed by an analog-to-digital converter. We then develop a behavioral model that captures the key elements of the nonlinear distortion. ...

49. A Low Complexity Interference Cancellation Technique for Multi-User DS-CDMA Communications
Topic: Wireless
Published: 5/27/2010
Authors: Wen-Bin Yang, Kamran Sayrafian
Abstract: A low complexity Parallel Interference Cancellation (PIC) technique is proposed to suppress Multi-Access Interference (MAI) and minimize near-far effect for multi-user communication using Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS-CDMA). Inter ...

50. Identifying RF Identification Cards from Measurements of Resonance and Carrier Harmonics
Topic: Wireless
Published: 5/27/2010
Authors: Henry Romero, Catherine A Remley, Dylan F Williams, Chih-Ming Wang, Timothy X. Brown
Abstract: We show that careful measurements of the unloaded resonant frequency and quality factor of radio frequency identification proximity cards allow identification of different card models and, for the set of cards we studied, identification with mini ...

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