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21. Critical Magnetic-Field Angle for High-Field Current Transport in YBa^d2^Cu^d3^O^d7^ at 76 K
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: John (Jack) Ekin, John W. West

22. Critical Parameters and Strain Effects in Liquid-Infiltrated Nb-Ta/Sn Multifilamentary Superconductor
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1984
Authors: John (Jack) Ekin, M Hong

23. Critical-Current Degradation in Multifilamentary Nb^d3^Al Wires from Transverse Compressive and Axial Tensile Stress
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 3/1/1993
Authors: S L Bray, John (Jack) Ekin, T Kuroda

24. Critical-Current Degradation in Nb3Al Wires Due to Axial and Transverse Stress
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: T Kuroda, H Wada, S L Bray, John (Jack) Ekin

25. Critical-Current Degradation in Nb^d3^Sn Composite Wires Due to Locally Concentrated Transverse Stress
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1992
Authors: S L Bray, John (Jack) Ekin

26. Crossover in the Pinning Mechanism of Anisotropic Fluxon Cores
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1994
Authors: L D Cooley, A Gurevich, David C. Larbalestier

27. Cryogenic Bathysphere for Rapid-Variable-Temperature Characterization of High-T^dc^ Superconductors
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 12/1/1988
Authors: John M Moreland, Y K Li, R M Folsom, T. E. Capobianco

28. Current Capacity Degradation in Superconducting Cable Strands
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 3/1/1989
Authors: Loren Frederick Goodrich, S L Bray

29. Current Transfer in Multifilamentary Superconductors. I. Theory
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 1/1/1978
Authors: John (Jack) Ekin, John W. West

30. Definitions of Terms for Practical Superconductors. 3. Fabrication, Stabilization, and Transient Losses
Topic: Superconductors
Published: 6/1/1979
Authors: David Thomas Read, John (Jack) Ekin, R L Powell, Alan F. Clark

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