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501. Use of Polycapillary Optics to Increase the Effective Area of Microcalorimeter Spectrometers
Topic: Sensors
Published: 8/1/1997
Authors: David A Wollman, C. Jezewski, Gene C Hilton, Xiao Qi-Fan, Kent D Irwin, John M. Martinis

502. Using Chaos to Generate White Noise
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/15/1999
Author: Richard Lloyd Kautz
Abstract: Numerical simulations reveal that a phase-locked loop can be operated in a chaotic regime to generate a high level of noise which is approximately white over a broad frequency range. Heuristic arguments indicate that the low-frequency power spectrum ...

503. Using Chemical Vapor Deposition Precursor Chemistry to Template Nanostructured Vanadium Oxide for Chemical Sensing
Topic: Sensors
Published: 9/30/2010
Authors: S Y. Lee, Anna Mebust, Adam Chaimowitz, Casey Davis-VanAtta, Muhammad Yaqub Afridi, Charles Taylor
Abstract: We demonstrate the preparation of selective nanostructured vanadium oxide chemical sensors using chemical vapor deposition precursor chemistry to control film microstructure. The origins of the response selectivity may be traced back to the nature of ...

504. Very Low Noise, Tightly Coupled, dc SQUID Amplifiers
Topic: Sensors
Published: 10/1/1986
Authors: B. Muhlfelder, James A Beall, M. W. Cromar, Ronald H. Ono

505. Very Low-Power Stirling Cryocoolers Using Plastic and Composite Materials
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/1/1979
Authors: Donald Sullivan, J. E. Zimmerman

506. Voltage Gain in the Single-Electron Transistor
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/23/1992
Authors: G. Zimmerli, Richard Lloyd Kautz, John M. Martinis

507. Voltage and Current Expressions for a Two-Junction Superconducting Interferometer
Topic: Sensors
Published: 2/1/1983
Authors: R. L. Peterson, Donald G McDonald

508. Voltage-Standard Devices
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/1992
Author: Clark A. Hamilton

509. Vortex Images in Thin Films of YBCO and BSCCO Obtained by Low-temperature Magnetic Force Microscopy
Topic: Sensors
Published: 3/1/1996
Authors: C. W. Yuan, Z. Zheng, A. L. de Lozanne, M. Tortonese, David A Rudman, J. N. Eckstein

510. Vortex Pinning Force in a Superconducting Niobium Strip
Topic: Sensors
Published: 3/1/1992
Authors: G. S. Park, C. E. Cunningham, B. Cabrera, Martin Huber

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