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471. The Human Magnetoencephalogram: Some EEG and Related Correlations
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/1976
Authors: M. Reite, J. E. Zimmerman, J. Edrich, J. T. Zimmerman

472. The Josephson Effect
Topic: Sensors
Published: 10/1/1969
Author: Robert A Kamper

473. The NBS Josephson Array Voltage Standard
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/1987
Authors: Clark A. Hamilton, Richard Lloyd Kautz, F. L. Lloyd, Richard L Steiner, B. F. Field

474. The NBS Josephson Array Voltage Standard
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/1986
Authors: Clark A. Hamilton, Richard Lloyd Kautz, F. L. Lloyd

475. The Relationship of Josephson Junctions to a Unified Standard of Length and Time
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/31/1974
Authors: Donald G McDonald, A. S. Risley, J. D. Cupp

476. The Role of Superconductivity in the Space Program: An Assessment of Present Capabilities and Future Potential
Series: NIST Interagency/Internal Report (NISTIR)
Report Number: 78-885
Topic: Sensors
Published: 5/1/1978
Author: Donald Sullivan

477. The ac Josephson Effect in Hysteric Junctions: Range and Stability of Phase Lock
Topic: Sensors
Published: 5/1/1981
Author: Richard Lloyd Kautz

478. Thermal Enhancement of Cotunneling in Ultra-Small Tunnel Junctions
Topic: Sensors
Published: 7/1/1992
Authors: Travis M. Eiles, G. Zimmerli, H. D. Jensen, John M. Martinis

479. Thermal Isolation of High-Temperature Superconducting Thin Films Using Silicon Wafer Bonding and Micromachining
Topic: Sensors
Published: 12/1/1993
Authors: Joseph Paul Rice, David A Rudman, C. A. Bang, M. I. Flik, M. A. Schmidt

480. Thermal Noise in High-Temperature Superconducting-Normal-Superconducting Step-Edge Josephson Junctions
Topic: Sensors
Published: 7/1/1994
Authors: S. J. Berkowitz, W. J. Skocpol, P. M. Mankiewich, Ronald H. Ono, N. Missert, P. A. Rosenthal, Leila R Vale

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