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31. Integration of IEEE 1451 Smart Transducers and OGC-SWE Using STWS
Topic: Sensors
Published: 2/17/2009
Authors: Yuyin Song, Kang B Lee
Abstract: This paper describes the integration of IEEE 1451 smart transducers and Open Geospatial Consortium -Sensor Web Enablement (OGC-SWE) using the Smart Transducer Web Service (STWS). An integration architecture and a prototype system are presented. The i ...

32. Ultra-high resolution alpha particle spectroscopy using calorimetry
Topic: Sensors
Published: 9/23/2008
Authors: Robert Daniel Horansky, Joel Nathan Ullom, James A Beall, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, Don Dry, Beth Hastings, Stephen Lamont, Clifford R Rudy, Michael W Rabin
Abstract: Calorimetry has been used since the late 1700?s to measure the heat output of physical processes ranging from chemical reactions to the respiration of organisms . Calorimetry is performed by measuring the temperature change caused by heat release int ...

33. Magneto-resistive Field Mapping of Analog Audio Tapes for Forensics Imaging
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/2/2008
Author: David P Pappas
Abstract: Magneto-resistive imaging of cassette tapes for forensic analysis applications is presented. Sample tapes were recorded on various tape recorders with events typically encountered in investigations. A comparison of the images with those obtained usin ...

34. Operation of an X-ray transition-edge sensor cooled by tunnel junction refrigerators
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/19/2008
Authors: Nathan A Tomlin, James A Beall, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, Galen C O'Neil, Daniel Richard Schmidt, Leila R Vale, Joel Nathan Ullom
Abstract: We demonstrate successful cooling of an X-ray transition-edge sensor (TES) using solid-state refrigerators based on normal-metal/insulator/superconductor (NIS) tunnel junctions. Above the TES transition temperature (Tc), we use Johnson noise thermome ...

35. Work Function Characterization of TaSiN and TaCN Electrodes Using CV, IV, IPE and SKPM
Topic: Sensors
Published: 11/1/2006
Authors: Hao Xiong, Nhan V Nguyen, Joseph J Kopanski, John S Suehle, Eric M. Vogel
Abstract: Work function of TaSiN (TaCN) films on HfO2 or SiO2 gate dielectrics is investigated for the first time using a combination of Capacitance?Voltage, Fowler?Nordheim tunneling, internal Photoemission, and scanning Kelevin probe microscopy methods, whic ...

36. Time-Division Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Multiplexer for Transition-Edge Sensors
Topic: Sensors
Published: 8/1/2003
Authors: Piet DeKorte, Joern Beyer, Steven Deiker, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, Michael MacIntosh, Sae Woo Nam, Carl D Reintsema, Leila R Vale, Martin Huber
Abstract: We report on the design and performance of our second-generation 32-channel time-division multiplexer developed for the read-out of large-format arrays of superconducting transition-edge sensors. We present design issues and measurement results on it ...

37. A frequency-domain read-out technique suitable for large microcalorimeter arrays demonstrated using high-resolution cryogenic gamma-ray sensors
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Joel Nathan Ullom, M. Cunningham, T. Miyazaki, S. E. Lebov
Abstract: Cryogenic sensors composed of transition-biased superconducting films have demonstrated remarkable sensitivity at gamma-ray, x-ray, optical, and submillimeter wavelengths. However, for these sensors to find widespread application in astronomy and mat ...

38. Electronics for Arrays of Transition Edge Sensors using Digital Signal Processing
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Sae Woo Nam, Joern Beyer, Gene C Hilton, Kent D Irwin, Carl D Reintsema, John M. Martinis
Abstract: Single-pixel transition-edge sensors (TES) are useful for a variety of applications requiring the detection of photons from sub-millimeter wavelengths to gamma rays. Arrays of TESs are required in the next-generation instruments to continue to be use ...

39. Performance of 32-channel Time-Division SQUID Multiplexer for Cryogenic Detector Arrays
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Joern Beyer, Piet DeKorte, Carl D Reintsema, Sae Woo Nam, Gene C Hilton, Leila R Vale, Kent D Irwin
Abstract: Multiplexed readout is a practical requirement for the successful deployment of large-scale cryogenic detector arrays in applications ranging from x-ray microanalysis to sub-millimeter astronomy. We report on the development of a time-division SQUID ...

40. Superconducting Multiplexers for Transition-Edge Sensors
Topic: Sensors
Published: 6/1/2003
Authors: Kent D Irwin, James A Beall, Joern Beyer, Steven Deiker, William Bertrand Doriese, S. Lisa Ferreira, Gene C Hilton, Sae Woo Nam, Carl D Reintsema, Joel Nathan Ullom, Leila R Vale
Abstract: Superconducting multiplexers make it possible to build arrays of thousands of low-temperature bolometers and microcalorimeters based on superconducting transition-edge sensors with a manageable number of readout channels. Our first generation SQUID m ...

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