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511. Harmonic Generation and Submillimeter Wave Mixing With the Josephson Effect
Topic: Sensors
Published: 8/15/1969
Authors: Donald G McDonald, V. E. Kose, K M. Evenson, J. S. Wells, J. D. Cupp

512. Fabrication of Tunnel Junctions on Niobium Films
Topic: Sensors
Published: 4/1/1969
Authors: L O Mullen, Donald Sullivan

513. Cryoelectronics
Topic: Sensors
Published: 2/1/1969
Author: Robert A Kamper

514. Contribution of Thermal Noise to the Line-Width of Josephson Radiation from Superconducting Point Contacts
Topic: Sensors
Published: 9/15/1967
Authors: A. H. Silver, J. E. Zimmerman, Robert A Kamper

515. Millidegree Noise Thermometry
Topic: Sensors
Published: 4/1/1967
Author: Robert A Kamper

516. High-resolution x-ray emission spectroscopy with transition-edge sensors, present performance and future potential
Topic: Sensors
Published: Date unknown
Authors: William Bertrand Doriese, Joseph Westbrook Fowler, Daniel S Swetz, Cherno Jaye, Daniel A Fischer, Carl D Reintsema, Douglas A Bennett, Leila R Vale, Gene C Hilton, Daniel Richard Schmidt, Joel Nathan Ullom, Jens Uhlig, ujjwal mandal, wilfrid fullagar, fredrick Parnefjord Gustafsson, Dharma Kurunthu, Villy Sundstrom
Abstract: X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (XES) is a powerful, element-selective tool to analyze the oxidation states of atoms in complex compounds, determine their electronic configuration, and identify unknown compounds in challenging environments. Until now the ...

517. Superconducting transition-edge sensors optimized for high-efficiency photon-number resolving detectors
Topic: Sensors
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Adriana Eleni Lita, Brice R. Calkins, Lenson Pellouchoud, Aaron J Miller, Sae Woo Nam
Abstract: Superconducting photon detectors have emerged as a powerful new option for detecting single photons. System detection efficiency that incorporates the quantum efficiency of the device and system losses is one of the most important single-photon detec ...

518. ITRS Chapter: MEMS
Topic: Sensors
Published: 1/30/0013
Author: Michael Gaitan
Abstract: The ITRS has organized a MEMS Technology Working Group (TWG), which has developed a new chapter on MEMS for its 2011 report. The report focuses on MEMS technologies associated with mobile Internet devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers. ...

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