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31. Improved Thermal Detector Coatings for Laser Radiometry at NIST
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 2/27/2006
Author: John H Lehman
Abstract: Nearly all of the radiometric standards for laser power and energy measurements at NIST and elsewhere in the world are based on thermal detectors. These detectors usually rely on a thermal absorber coating to enhance the detector responsivity. Ideall ...

32. Lateral variations in self-assembled InGaAs quantum dot distributions
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 6/26/2009
Authors: Alexana Roshko, Todd E Harvey, Brittany L Hyland, Lehman Y Susan, Keith D Cobry
Abstract: The lateral uniformity of self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots grown by molecular beam epitaxy(MBE) was assessed as a function of growth conditions. Variations in the dot density and height were determined from atomic force micrographs. Growth rate h ...

33. Long distance frequency transfer through an optical carrier
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 8/2/2009
Author: Paul A Williams
Abstract: Fiber optic networks are an attractive means for the remote distribution of highly stable frequencies from optical clocks. The highest performance is achieved by use of the frequency of the optical carrier itself as the transfer frequency. We will re ...

34. Long distance optical frequency transfer over fiber: predicting the frequency stability from the fiber noise
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/18/2008
Authors: Nathan Reynolds Newbury, Paul A Williams, William C Swann
Abstract: We have recently demonstrated the coherent transfer of an optical signal over a 251 km link of optical fiber by use of the standard Doppler-cancellation approach to remove the effects of the fiber-link noise. The fundamental limit to the frequency in ...

35. Low-frequency noise in gallium nitride nanowire mechanical resonators
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 12/7/2012
Authors: Jason Gray, Kristine A Bertness, Norman A Sanford, Charles T. Rogers
Abstract: We report on the low-frequency 1/f (flicker) parameter noise displayed by the resonance frequency and resistance of doubly clamped c-axis gallium nitride nanowire (NW) mechanical resonators. The resonators are electrostatically driven and their mech ...

36. Measuring optical waveforms with fiber frequency combs
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 1/5/2009
Authors: Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: A stabilized frequency comb provides a broadband array of highly resolved comb lines. Using a multiheterodyne technique, we measure the amplitude and phase of every comb line, allowing for massively parallel, high-resolution optical sampling.

37. Microwave near-field probes for photovoltaic applications
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 6/19/2011
Author: Joel C. Weber
Abstract: The photoresponse of three different photovoltaic Cu(In, Ga)Se^d2^ (CIGS) samples as well as GaAs and silicon bulk samples is measured using near-field scanning microwave microscopy (NSMM). Modeling predicts light-dependent conductivity values fo ...

38. NBS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 720: Technical Digest Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements, 1986
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 720
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 1/1/1986
Authors: Igor Vayshenker, D. R. Hjelme, A. R. Mickelson
Abstract: When designing a multimode fiber system (MFS) one should take into consideration the mode-dependent properties of the components of the system. Lack of a design tool for fiber-optics netowrks makes the problem more difficult. However, one can describ ...

39. Non-imaging Winston Cone Concentrators for Submillimeter-wave, Overmoded Waveguide
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 1/1/2014
Authors: Erich N Grossman, Oscar D Friedman, Andrew O Nelson
Abstract: We describe the design, simulation, and measured performance of concentrators designed to couple submillimeter wavelength radiation from free space into highly overmoded, rectangular, WR-10 waveguide. They consist of a combination of a Winston cone, ...

40. Noncontact measurement of charge carrier lifetime and mobility in GaN nanowires
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 8/27/2012
Authors: Christopher M. Dodson, Patrick Parkinson, Kristine A Bertness, Hannah J Joyce, Laura M Herz, Norman A Sanford, Michael B Johnston
Abstract: The first noncontact photoconductivity measurements of gallium nitride nanowires (NWs) are presented, revealing a high crystallographic and optoelectronic quality achieved by use of catalyst-free molecular beam epitaxy. In comparison with bulk ma ...

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