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51. Quantum dot single photon sources studied with superconducting single photon detectors
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 11/1/2006
Authors: Martin J Stevens, Robert Hadfield, Robert E Schwall, Sae Woo Nam, Richard P Mirin
Abstract: We report the observation of photon antibunching from a single, self-assembled InGaAs quantum dot (QD) at temperatures up to 135 K. The second-order intensity correlation, g(2)(0), is less than 0.260 {+ or -} 0.024 for temperatures up to 100 K. At 12 ...

52. Efficient Greens Function Modeling of Line and Surface Defects in Multilayered Anisotropic Elastic and Piezoelectric Material
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 10/2/2006
Authors: B. Yang, Vinod K Tewary
Abstract: Greens function (GF) modeling defects may take effect only if the GF as well as its various integrals over a line, a surface and/or a small volume can be efficiently evaluated. The GF itself is needed in modeling a point defect while the integrals ne ...

53. Improved Thermal Detector Coatings for Laser Radiometry at NIST
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 2/27/2006
Author: John H Lehman
Abstract: Nearly all of the radiometric standards for laser power and energy measurements at NIST and elsewhere in the world are based on thermal detectors. These detectors usually rely on a thermal absorber coating to enhance the detector responsivity. Ideall ...

54. The Next Generation of Laser Radiometry at NIST
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 2/27/2006
Authors: John H Lehman, Christopher L Cromer, Marla L Dowell
Abstract: High accuracy laser radiometry is on the verge of significant improvements just as new laser technologies are evolving. Our present tasks are directed toward anticipating and meeting the measurement needs in two areas; higher power and shorter wavele ...

55. Application of carbon nanotube coatings for laser measurements
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 10/17/2005
Authors: John H Lehman, Paul Rice, Natalia Varaksa, Chaiwat Engtrakul, Anne Dillon
Abstract: We have demonstrated coatings based on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on a variety of detector platforms for laser power and energy measurement standards. These coatings must be resistant to damage and aging while maintaining desirable optical and thermal p ...

56. Precision Metrology for Fiber-Amplifier Noise Figure Traceable to a RIN Standard
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 8/16/2004
Authors: Gregory E Obarski, Paul D Hale
Abstract: We developed high-precision metrology for fiber-amplifier noise figure based on application of a relative intensity noise (RIN) standard to the RIN subtraction method. Calibration of a RIN/noise figure measurement system using the standard yields a t ...

57. Transfer function approach to the experimental determination of mode transfer matrices
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 7/20/1990
Authors: Shao Yang, Igor Vayshenker, D. R. Hjelme, I. P. Januar, A. R. Mickelson
Abstract: An improved scheme for characterization of multimode fiber systems is investigated. Characterization with transfer matrices requires multiple measurements for each component. The transfer function approach herein investigated requires only a single l ...

58. Transfer function analysis of measured transfer matrices
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 8/1/1989
Authors: Shao Yang, Igor Vayshenker, A. R. Mickelson
Abstract: Measurements of mode transfer matrices of various multimode fiber optic connectors are presented. To analyze the accuracy and repeatability of such measurements, a theoretical framework which employs mode transmission functions is derived. It is sho ...

59. NBS SPECIAL PUBLICATION 720: Technical Digest Symposium on Optical Fiber Measurements, 1986
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 720
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 1/1/1986
Authors: Igor Vayshenker, D. R. Hjelme, A. R. Mickelson
Abstract: When designing a multimode fiber system (MFS) one should take into consideration the mode-dependent properties of the components of the system. Lack of a design tool for fiber-optics netowrks makes the problem more difficult. However, one can describ ...

60. A General Approach to Low noise Readout of Terahertz Imaging Arrays
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: Date unknown
Authors: Erich N Grossman, Jonathan D Chisum, Zoya Popovic
Abstract: This article describes the theory and design of an ultra-low noise electronic readout circuit for use with room temperature video-rate terahertz imaging arrays. First, the. noise characteristics of various imaging detectors,including low resistance b ...

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