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21. Dual-wavelength transfer standard for laser peak-power measurement
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/9/2011
Authors: Rodney W Leonhardt, Daniel King
Abstract: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Naval Surface Warfare Center ‹ Corona Division (NSWC) have jointly developed a low-level peak-power radiometer (D-ESR) which functions as a transfer standard for measuring laser pu ...

22. Optical performance monitoring of (Q)PSK data channels using artificial neural networks trained with parameters derived from delay-tap asynchronous diagrams
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 2/15/2011
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Xiaoxia Wu, Alan Willner, Loukas Paraschis
Abstract: We demonstrate a technique of using artificial neural networks trained with parameters derived from delay-tap asynchronous diagrams for optical performance monitoring of phase shift keying (PSK) data signals. We show that asynchronous diagrams from b ...

23. The effect of growth orientation and diameter on the elasticity of GaN Nanowires - a combined insitu TEM and atomistic modeling investigation
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 12/20/2010
Authors: Kristine A Bertness, Norman A Sanford, Albert Davydov
Abstract: We characterized the elastic properties of GaN nanowires grown along different crystallographic orientations. In situ transmission electron microscopy tensile tests were conducted using a MEMS-based nanoscale testing system. Complementary atomistic s ...

24. Spectroscopy with a coherent dual frequency comb interferometer at 3.4 µm
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 8/1/2010
Authors: Esther Baumann, Fabrizio Raphael Giorgetta, Ian R Coddington, William C Swann, Nathan Reynolds Newbury
Abstract: A coherent dual fiber-comb spectrometer centered at 1.5 µm wavelengths is transferred to 3.4 µm by difference-frequency generation with a 1064 nm cw laser. It is shown that the residual linewidth between the comb teeth at 3.4 µm is resolution-limited ...

25. Analysis of trace impurities in semiconductor gas via cavity-enhanced direct frequency comb spectroscopy
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 7/20/2010
Authors: Kristine A Bertness, Kevin C Cossel, F Adler, M J Thorpe, Jun Ye
Abstract: Cavity-enhanced direct frequency comb spectroscopy (CE-DFCS) has demonstrated powerful potential for trace-gas detection based on its unique combination of high bandwidth, rapid data acquisition, high sensitivity, and high resolution, which is unava ...

26. Calibration service for instruments that measure laser beam diameter
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 250-87
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 7/1/2010
Author: Shao Yang
Abstract: This document describes the calibration service for instruments that measure laser beam diameter. An overview of the measurement procedures, measurement system, and uncertainty analysis is presented. A sample measurement report is included in this do ...

27. Passive terahertz camera for standoff security screening
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 7/1/2010
Authors: Erich N Grossman, Charles Dietlein
Abstract: We describe the construction and performance of a passive, real-time terahertz camera based on a modular, 64-element linear array of cryogenic hotspot microbolometers. A reflective conical scanner sweeps out a 2 m ×4 m(vertical × horizontal) field of ...

28. Dark pulse quantum dot diode laser
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 6/7/2010
Authors: Mingming M. Feng, Kevin Lawrence Silverman, Richard P Mirin, Steven T Cundiff
Abstract: We describe an operating regime for passively mode-locked quantum dot diode laser where the output consists of a train of dark pulses, i.e., intensity dips on a continuous background. We show that a dark pulse train is a solution to the master equati ...

29. Dual-rate linear optical sampling for remote monitoring of complex modulation formats
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 6/2/2010
Authors: Tasshi Dennis, Paul A Williams
Abstract: We demonstrate linear optical sampling using simultaneous pulsed and CW local oscillators to enable phase tracking of a data modulated carrier. The technique enables the direct measurement of remotely received signals with low phase noise.

30. Bilateral comparison of power measurement standards for KrF lasers between PTB and NIST
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/2/2010
Authors: Marla L Dowell, Christopher L Cromer, Darryl A. Keenan, Stefan Kuck, Friedhelm Brandt
Abstract: We report results of the first bilateral laser power comparison for 248-nm KrF excimer lasers accomplished by the National Metrology Institutes of Germany (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB) and of the United States of America (National Inst ...

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