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21. Bilateral comparison of power measurement standards for KrF lasers between PTB and NIST
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/2/2010
Authors: Marla L Dowell, Christopher L Cromer, Darryl A. Keenan, Stefan Kuck, Friedhelm Brandt
Abstract: We report results of the first bilateral laser power comparison for 248-nm KrF excimer lasers accomplished by the National Metrology Institutes of Germany (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB) and of the United States of America (National Inst ...

22. Chirp characterization of external modulators with finite extinction ratio using linear optical sampling
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/1/2010
Authors: Tasshi Dennis, Paul A Williams
Abstract: We demonstrate a network monitoring technique for the frequency chirping of external modulators based on linear optical sampling. We present α parameter waveforms of digital data modulation from simultaneously measured amplitude and phase. Digit ...

23. Waveform metrology and a quantitative study of regularized deconvolution
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 5/1/2010
Authors: Paul D Hale, Andrew M Dienstfrey
Abstract: We present methodology and preliminary results of a Monte-Carlo simulation to perform a quantified analysis of regularized deconvolution in the context of full waveform metrology. We analyze the behavior of different regularized inversion methods wi ...

24. Tensile measurement of single crystal gallium nitride nanowires on MEMS test stages
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 4/18/2010
Authors: J. J. Brown, A. I. Baca, Kristine A Bertness, D. A. Dikin, R. S. Ruoff, Victor M. Bright
Abstract: This paper reports the first direct tensile tests on nearly defect free, n-type (Si-doped) gallium nitride single crystal nanowires. Here, for the first time, nanowires have been integrated with actuated, active microelectromechanical (MEMS) structur ...

25. Direct measurement of vector polarization-mode dispersion from repeated random data by use of linear optical sampling
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 3/1/2010
Authors: Paul A Williams, Tasshi Dennis
Abstract: Polarization-dependent optical sampling techniques measure the complex electric field, allowing one to monitor the degrading effects of a communication channel. Here we show the ability to extract the polarization-mode dispersion of the transmission ...

26. Optical performance monitoring of QPSK data channels by use of neural networks trained with parameters derived from asynchronous constellation diagrams
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 3/1/2010
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Xiaoxia Wu, Alan Willner
Abstract: We demonstrate a technique for optical performance monitoring of quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) data channels by simultaneously identifying optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR), chromatic dispersion (CD), and polarization-mode dispersion (PMD) ...

27. Steady-state and transient photoconductivity in c-axis GaN nanowires grown by nitrogen-plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 2/12/2010
Authors: Norman A Sanford, Paul Timothy Blanchard, Kristine A Bertness, Lorelle Mansfield, John B Schlager, Aric Warner Sanders, Alexana Roshko, Beau Burton, Steven George
Abstract: Analysis of steady-state and transient photoconductivity measurements at room temperature performed on c-axis oriented GaN nanowires yielded estimates of free carrier concentration, drift, mobility, surface band bending, and surface capture coefficie ...

28. Relative Photon-to-Carrier Efficiencies of Alternating Nanolayers of Zinc Phthalocyanine and C60 Multilayer Films Assessed by Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Okan Esenturk, Joseph S Melinger, Paul A. Lane, Edwin J Heilweil
Abstract: Alternating multi-layer and 1:1 blended films of zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc)and buckminsterfullerene (C60) were investigated as model active layers for solar cells by Time-Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy (TRTS). Relative photon-to-carrier efficiencies ...

29. Traceable waveform calibration with a covariance-based uncertainty analysis
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 10/1/2009
Authors: Paul D Hale, Dylan F Williams, Andrew M Dienstfrey, Arkadiusz C. (Arkadiusz) Lewandowski, Tracy S. Clement, Darryl A. Keenan
Abstract: We describe a method for calibrating the voltage that a step-like pulse generator produces at a load at every time point in themeasured waveform. The calibration includes an equivalent-circuit model of the generator that can be used to determine how ...

30. Optical performance monitoring of PSK Data Channels using artificial neural networks trained with parameters derived from delay-tap asynchronous diagrams via balanced detection
Topic: Optoelectronics
Published: 9/20/2009
Authors: Jeffrey A Jargon, Xiaoxia Wu, Zhensheng Jia, Loukas Paraschis, Ronald Skoog, Alan Willner
Abstract: We demonstrate a technique of using artificial neural networks for optical performance monitoring of PSK data signals. Parameters for training are derived from delay-tap asynchronous diagrams using balanced detection. We also compare the results wit ...

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