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11. Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Evaluation in a Low Rician K-Factor Reverberation-Chamber Environment
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 10/15/2014
Authors: Chih-Ming Wang, Catherine A Remley, Ansgar T. Kirk, Ryan J. Pirkl, Christopher L Holloway, Dylan F Williams, Paul D Hale
Abstract: In this paper we study statistical methods for estimating the Rician K-factor when this parameter is small. A fiducial approach for making statistical inference on the K-factor is discussed. The approach requires a Monte Carlo method to compute the u ...

12. Amplifier and Transistor Noise-Parameter Measurements
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 10/1/2014
Author: James Paul Randa
Abstract: Methods for measuring the noise parameters of amplifiers and on-wafer transistors are reviewed. After some preliminary background information and conventions, noise parameters are defined and the most common measurement strategies are presented, bot ...

13. Improvement in the Evaluation of a Rectangular Waveguide Microcalorimeter Correction Factor
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/29/2014
Authors: Thomas P. Crowley, Weihai Fang
Abstract: The correction factor of the National Institute of Standards and Technology‰s WR-15 (50 to 75 GHz) microcalorimeters has been re-evaluated. Use of modeled values for the reflection coefficient of a flat short and offset short instead of measured valu ...

14. Relative Humidity Effects on Rectangular Waveguide Thermistor Sensors
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/24/2014
Author: Thomas P. Crowley
Abstract: A correlation between the relative humidity nd the effective efficiency of several rectangular waveguide thermistor sensors has been observed. The difference between effective efficiency measurements made at 10 % and 30 % relative humidity can be 10 ...

15. Dielectrofluidics for Electronic-Based Chemical and Particle Analysis
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/18/2014
Authors: James C Booth, Spencer Thomas Egan, Charles Anderson Enright Little, A Padilla, Yu Y. Wang, Nathan D Orloff
Abstract: The interactions of electromagnetic fields with matter are described by means of the polarization and magnetization of the material under study. Analogous to the way that magnetofluidics seeks to exploit magnetic interactions for sensing and manipula ...

16. Characterizing a Device's susceptibility to broadband signals: A case study
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/4/2014
Authors: Jason B Coder, John M Ladbury, David Hunter
Abstract: It is common for electronic devices to be tested for their susceptibility to radiated signals they may be exposed to during their normal operation. A reverberation chamber is well suited to perform this type of testing because it can expose the d ...

17. Dielectric characterization by microwave cavity perturbation corrected for non-uniform fields
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 7/23/2014
Authors: Nathan D Orloff, Jan Obrzut, Christian J Long, Thomas F. Lam, James C Booth, David R Novotny, James Alexander Liddle, Pavel Kabos
Abstract: The non-uniform fields that occur due to the slot in the cavity through which the sample is inserted and those due to the sample geometry itself decrease the accuracy of dielectric characterization by cavity perturbation at microwave frequencies. ...

18. Traceability for Millimeter and Submillimeter-Wave Power Measurements
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 5/21/2014
Author: Ronald A Ginley
Abstract: The need for traceable power measurements above 110 GHz is well established for use in communications, spectral line investigation, molecular particle signature identification, material property characterization and others. There have been increment ...

19. Experimental Evaluation of the Statistical Isotropy of a Reverberation Chamber‰s Plane-Wave Spectrum
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 11/27/2013
Authors: Ryan J. Pirkl, Catherine A Remley
Abstract: Synthetic aperture measurements in a loaded reverberation chamber are used to calculate power-angle profiles describing the instantaneous distribution of received power versus azimuth angle-of-arrival. Averaging multiple power-angle profiles leads to ...

20. On the Link Between Insertion Loss and Lower Bound of Efficiency
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 8/9/2013
Authors: Levon Barsikyan, Jason B Coder, Mark Golkowski, John M Ladbury
Abstract: We investigate the effect of chamber loss on the recently developed 2-port antenna model and the associated method of determining antenna efficiency. The loss in the reverberation chamber was controlled using microwave absorbing foam creating fou ...

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