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971. Estimation of Electromagnetic Fields in Complex Environments
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/1/1991
Authors: Motohisa Kanda, James Paul Randa

972. Growth and properties of Yba2Cu3O7 thin films on non-lattice-matched and polycrystalline substrates
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/1/1991
Authors: Stephen E Russek, Brian H. Moeckly, D. K. Lathrop, M. G. Norton, C, B. Carter
Abstract: We have investigated the nature of the in-situ growth of c-axis normal TBa2Cu3O7 thin films on non-lattice-matched, vicinal, and polycrystalline MgO substrates, and on buffer layers of MgO. We find that the preparation of the MgO surface determines t ...

973. Incompatibility Between the 100/1300 Surge Test and Varistor Failure Rates
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/1/1991
Authors: Charles D. Fenimore, Francois D. Martzloff

974. Josephson-like properties of YBa2Cu3O7 thin film weak links
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/1/1991
Authors: Stephen E Russek, D. K. Lathrop, Brian H. Moeckly, D Chamberlain, L Pesenson, R A. Buhrman, D. H. Shin, J. Silcox

975. Simultaneous vs. Independent Injection Testing of Nonlinear Multiport Systems
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 3/1/1991
Author: James Paul Randa

976. A Generalization of the Cornu Spiral for Lossy Media
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 2/1/1991
Author: David Allan Hill

977. A New Proposed Triple Correlator for the Measurement of Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 2/1/1991
Authors: Nicholas G Paulter Jr, A. Majumdar

978. Fields Radiated by Electrostatic Discharges
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 2/1/1991
Authors: Perry F. Wilson, M T Ma

979. Translate LRL and LRM Calibrations
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 2/1/1991
Authors: Dylan F Williams, Roger Marks, K. R. Phillips

980. Magnetic field dependence of the critical current anisotropy in normal metal-YBa,Cu307-delta thin-film bilayers
Topic: Electromagnetics
Published: 1/11/1991
Authors: Ronald H. Ono, Loren Frederick Goodrich, James A Beall, Marcus Johansson, Carl D Reintsema
Abstract: We have measured the transport critical current density (Jc) in epitaxial quality films of YBa2Cu307-delta some of which were covered by thin (10 nm) Ag films. The films, both with and without Ag, had J, values greater than IO^6 A/cm^2 in liquid ni ...

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