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21. Quantitative Permittivity Measurements of Nanoliter Liquid Volumes in Microfluidic Channels to 40 GHz
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 12/1/2010
Authors: James C Booth, Nathan Daniel Orloff, Jordi Mateu, Michael D Janezic, Matthew Rinehart, James A Beall
Abstract: We describe the design, fabrication, and evaluation of a new on-wafer measurement platform for the rapid, quantitative determination of the complex permittivity of nL fluid volumes over the frequency range from 10 MHz - 40 GHz. Our measurement platf ...

22. Nanoparticle Formation and Characterization in Continuous Flow Microfluidic Systems
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 10/13/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Michael Gaitan

23. Microwave-Induced Adjustable Nonlinear Temperature Gradients in Microfluidic Devices
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 9/29/2010
Authors: Jayna J Shah, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: We present a technique to induce temperature gradients in flexible microfluidic devices with microwave energy. Microwave power decays exponentially in the propagating medium, and the rate of decay is higher for water compared to polymers or glass du ...

24. Separation and Metrology of Nanoparticles by Nanofluidic Size Exclusion
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 8/11/2010
Authors: Samuel M Stavis, Jon C Geist, Michael Gaitan
Abstract: A nanofluidic approach to the separation and metrology of nanoparticles is demonstrated. Advantages of this approach include nanometer-scale resolution, nanometer-scale to submicrometer-scale range, mitigation of hydrodynamic and diffusional limitat ...

25. Using Microfluidic Channels to Determine ZThe Quantitative Permittivity of Nanoliter Fluid Volumes from 50 MHz TO 40 GHz USING MICROFLUIDIC CHANNELS TO DETERMINE THE QUANTITATIVE PERMITTIVITY OF NANOLITER FLUID VOLUMES FROM 50 MHZ TO 40 GHZ
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 7/30/2010
Authors: James C Booth, Nathan Daniel Orloff, Xiaoli Lu, Yu Y. Wang, Eduard Rocas, Jordi Mateu, Juan C. Collado Gomez, Michael D Janezic
Abstract: We describe the development of coplanar waveguide measurement structures integrated with microfluidic channels in order to rapidly determine the broadband dielectric properties of nanoliter volumes of fluids, fluid mixtures, and colloids over the ran ...

26. Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Device Metrology
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 4/16/2010
Author: Samuel M Stavis

27. Engineered Microfluidic and Nanofluidic Device Metrology
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 3/22/2010
Author: Samuel M Stavis

28. Effects of temperature, acyl chain length, and flow-rate ratio on liposome formation and size in a microfluidic hydrodyanmic focusing device
Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 3/21/2010
Authors: Justin M Zook, Wyatt N Vreeland
Abstract: Microfluidic hydrodynamic focusing of an alcohol/lipid mixture into a narrow fluid stream by two oblique buffer streams provides a controlled and reproducible method of forming phospholipid bilayer vesicles (i.e., liposomes) with relatively monodispe ...

Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 1/1/2010
Authors: Santanu S. Kundu, Atul Bhangale, William E Wallace III, Kathleen M. Flynn, Richard Gross, Kathryn L Beers
Abstract: Application of microreactor technologies enable improved safety, selectivity and yield in a range of chemical reactions in addition to new measurement methods that are often faster, cheaper and more accurate than traditional methods. In this study w ...

Topic: Microfluidics
Published: 1/1/2010
Authors: Atul Bhangale, Santanu S. Kundu, Wenchun Xie, William E Wallace III, Kathleen M. Flynn, Kathryn L Beers, Richard Gross
Abstract: Epoxy functionalized supports are known to be suitable for industrial-scale immobilization of enzymes for biocatalysis. However, chemistry across these epoxy groups is known to affect the catalytic performance of the enzymes.In order to achieve a ba ...

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