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81. Nuclear Techniques Applied To Air Particulate Matter Studies
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 3/1/1997
Authors: Rolf Louis Zeisler, N Haselberger, M Makarewicz, R Ogris, R. M. Parr, S. F. Stone, O Valkovic, V Valkovic, E Wehrstein

82. On Achieving Measurement Quality in Air Pollution Studies Employing Nuclear Techniques
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 7/1/1998
Authors: Rolf Louis Zeisler, Susan F Heller-Zeisler, A. Fajgelj

83. On the Determination of Carbon, Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon in Grey Cast Irons Using Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometry
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 11/1/1997
Authors: Michael R Winchester, C. Maul

84. Particle Size Determination of Some IAEA and NIST Environmental and Biological Reference Materials
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 2/1/1998
Authors: A. Fajgelj, Rolf Louis Zeisler

85. Pilot Estuarine Mesocosm Study on the Environmental Fate of Silver Nanomaterials Leached from Consumer Products
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 1/10/2012
Authors: Danielle Cleveland, Stephen E Long, Paul L. Pennington, Emily Cooper, Michael H. Fulton, Geoffrey I. Scott, Elijah J Petersen, Timothy M Brewer, Jeffrey M. Davis, Laura J Wood
Abstract: Although nanosilver consumer products (CPs) now enjoy widespread availability, little work has been done to determine the environmental fate and leaching of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) from these products. This type of work is crucial, since the lif ...

86. Predictive Gold Nanocluster Formation Controlled by Metal-Ligand Complexes
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 1/9/2012
Authors: John M Pettibone, Jeffrey W Hudgens
Abstract: The formation of ligand-protected transition metal nanoclusters in size-selective syntheses is driven by the inherent properties of the protecting ligands. We have previously reported the selective, monodisperse product formation of phosphine protect ...

87. Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 9/1/1998
Author: Richard Mark Lindstrom

88. Prompt-Gamma Activation Analysis using the k^d0^ Approach
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 8/1/1998
Authors: G L Molnar, Z S Revay, Rick L Paul, Richard Mark Lindstrom

89. Proper Usage of Reference Materials
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 2/15/2001
Authors: P. J. Jenks, Rolf Louis Zeisler

90. Purity determination as needed for the realisation of primary standards for elemental determination - status of international comparability
Topic: Inorganic Analytical Chemistry
Published: 7/9/2009
Authors: Gregory C Turk, Heinrich Kipphardt, Ralf Matschat, Jochen Vogl, Tamara Gusarova, Michael Czerwensky, Hans-Joachim Heinrich, Akiharu Hioki, Leonid A. Konopelko, Brad Methven, Tsutomu Miura, Ole Petersen, Gundel Riebe, Ralph Sturgeon, Lee Lijian Yu
Abstract: Within the National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) and designated laboratories, an interlaboratory comparison, CCQM-P107, was conducted to verify the degree of international comparability concerning the results of purity analysis. The mass fractions of ...

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