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91. Modifications to the copper strip corrosion test for the measurement of sulfur-related corrosion
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 10/1/2007
Authors: Lisa S. Ott, Thomas J Bruno
Abstract: The copper strip corrosion test (CSCT) is used to measure the corrosivity of sulfur compounds in fluids. The CSCT is performed by immersing a strip of cleaned, polished copper in a fluid at a specified temperature for a predetermined time, then readi ...

92. Fundamentals and Applications of Cluster SIMS
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 1/1/2007
Authors: Christopher W Szakal, John G Gillen

93. Compilation of NIST Higher-Order Methods for the Determination of Electrolytes in Clinical Materials
Series: Special Publication (NIST SP)
Report Number: 260-162
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 9/29/2006
Authors: Stephen E Long, Karen E Murphy

94. k=2 and Other Sometimes Hidden Assumptions in Chemical Measurement Uncertainty Intervals
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 4/24/2006
Authors: David Lee Duewer, S LR Ellison, William F Guthrie, D B Hibbert, C Jackson, A Kallner, Stefan D Leigh, Reenie May Parris, Kenneth W Pratt, Michele M Schantz, Katherine E Sharpless
Abstract: A recent interlaboratory study that required individual analysts to estimate uncertainty intervals for their results revealed that some experienced chemical analysts have difficulty with measurement uncertainty calculations. To help validate assumpti ...

95. Conformational Changes Associated With Receptor-Stimulated Guanine Nucleotide Exchange in a Heterotrimeric G-Protein {alpha}-Subunit: NMR Analysis of the GTP{gamma}S-Bound States
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 3/17/2006
Authors: K D. Ridge, N G Abdulaev, Xi-Cheng Zhang, T Ngo, D M Brabazon, John P Marino
Abstract: Solution NMR studies of a 15N-labeled G-protein ?-subunit (G?) chimera (15N-ChiT) reconstituted heterotrimer have previously shown that binding of ??-subunits induces a pre-activated conformation in G? that may facilitate interaction with R* and gu ...

96. Reducing Uncertainty in Particle Size Measurement for Liquid Filter Testing
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 2/19/2006
Author: Robert A Fletcher

97. Consistency of Delta ^u13^ C Measurements Improved
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 2/1/2006
Authors: Blaza Toman, T Coplen, W Brand, R Michael Verkouteren, M Gehre, M Groening, HAJ Meijer

98. Characterization of New miniSTR Loci to Aid Analysis of Degraded DNA
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 1/1/2005
Authors: Michael D Coble, John M Butler

99. Extrinsic factors potassium chloride and glycerol induce thermostability in recombinant anthranilate synthase from Archaeoglobus fulgidus
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 12/1/2004
Authors: W M. Byrnes, V L. Vilker

100. Structure of Polystyrene at the Interface With Various Liquids
Topic: Chemical Analysis
Published: 9/4/2004
Authors: Clayton S. Yang, P T. Wilson, Lee J Richter
Abstract: Vibrationally resonant sum frequency generation (VR-SFG) is used to determine the structure of the phenyl side groups of deuterated polystyrene at the liquid/solid interface for the nonsolvent liquids: hexane, methanol, ethanol, glycerol, and water. ...

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